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Internship Details

- Work closely with the recruitment team, understand how talent is acquired

- Learn about recruitment and other HR functions

- Collaborate with the regional teams to understand the business and partner with them for implementing HR policies and programs

Who can apply:

- Smart, driven young graduates / MBA students who wish to join a start - up

- Individuals with a knack of developing people management skills

- Individuals with a high energy levels

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Dec `15


Rs. 5000-7000

About Company

Hi I am Prasad, don’t let my INSEAD MBA fool you. I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur and this is my story. 

The educational challenge that struck a chord with us was poor employability. It’s unacceptable that in a nation of a billion, only 10% of our graduates were employable, just 10%! We started a school- Vishwajyot High School, New Bombay (www.Vishwajyot.com) - close to a decade ago and have some insight into the space. Our employability problem stems from trying to paint every learner with the same brush, without understanding how and what s/he wants to learn. 

Poor employability contrasted against rising aspirations and fattening wallets of our vast populous outside of major metros presented me with a major opportunity. As a way to get started on closing this need gap we have started at the very beginning, with schools and preschools (prevention is better than cure). We hacked our way into the labs of neurobiologists and cognitive scientists to design a superb learning program, which understands each learner and personalizes the instruction to his/her interests and capabilities (most people don’t understand this part while applying so don’t worry). Read more at www.WunderbarKids.com 

We’ve been at it for three years now and it’s been one of the most exhilarating but terrifying period of our lives. Amrut and I haven’t had a day off since he got back from his MBA at Duke, but all the little achievements keep us going. Our ability to personalize learning has enabled us to learn that Samarth (1.5 years), though initially very cranky, loves stories and 6 months on he is happily coming to school learning through stories and relaying them to his grandfather. Raj who was painfully shy went on to compete and win a nationally televised dance reality show. Our 100 learners in the small town of Phaltan (whose commute to a school we cut by 60 km/day) in 6 months are talking, playing and thinking in English! Our model is working! We now have 20 schools/preschools in total and are pushing the pace to set up 5 new locations per month! 

Each week when we look at Wunderbar Kids, it’s a new beast with a new set of problems and opportunities. To tackle these we have radically changed how our business operates. We developed a guerrilla-marketing model (so radical that I’ll leave the details for later), developed a recruitment model that sees us train people before we hire them (in recruitment too prevention is better than cure). We’re rethinking and reinventing almost everything we do and were not done yet. 

The plan is to accelerate the pace a few more notches - get bigger, better, faster! Schools are only the start, we will use our schools as beachheads to give us a local presence and tackle the problem of employability through a variety of products and technologies which we are developing. Our sights are set on having 100,000 learners on the books. Yep, challenging is an understatement, and as our Angel Investor & Advisor Srikant Datar (Sr. Associate Dean Harvard Business School) says - we need some equally crazy people to make it happen! 

Our Angel Investors Ashish Arora (Duke University) Raja Parthasarathy( Morgan Stanley) Amitabh Arora ( Citigroup) have always pushed us to hire an excellent team. Heeding their advice we’ve hired a management team comprising of CXO's, Brand Managers, and entrepreneurs from leading schools like ISB, IIM and S P Jain. We’ve also hired a fantastic academic team from IIT, TFI, APU and TISS. Over the last year they have been on field, pushing a manic growth rate which would have otherwise been impossible. 

To achieve great things, we need more awesome people (we are little over 250 people at the moment) and that’s why we're here. 

As an Entrepreneur D'e'te', you will be working with our internal teams to learn the basics, nuts and bolts, of running businesses.

Enthusiastic and passionate leaders - in - the - making are just the right kind of people who have the potential to bring a transformation in our schools.

If your dream is to set up your own school/business or you have great ides on how you'd like to run a business or if you think you'd like to start a business or work as a business leader after your tenure, this internship will prepare you for what the future holds. Also it will open up a window for a permanent association with us post completion of your course

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