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Internship Details

We’re looking for a web developer who is confident about his/her programming and database skills, has some experience coding in a modern server-side environment (such as Python, Ruby, Node.js etc.), easily adopts different technologies and enjoys working with others. Help us get a new project off the ground between May and July 2014, full-time (chill, weekends are off!). If you can spare only 2 months, we’re willing to consider that. We’re handing out a stipend (Rs 20k a month) and we’ll trek to the mountains at the end of the project. You’ll deserve it after having braved the Delhi summer. Back story on our blog: http://miranj.in/blog/2014/summer-internship

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 11th Apr `14


Rs. 20000

About Company

We are a small web design and dev shop based out of New Delhi. We believe that less is more and we strive for minimal, focussed, and user-centric designs. We make decisions through careful deliberation (and not democratically), and resolve differences amicably through extended reasoning. We are technology agnostic i.e. we like having a cupboard full of different hammers instead of picking, say, a Twitter Bootstrap or a PHP hammer and solving everything with that. Our work in the last three years has spanned websites for numerous tech events, a documentary film, internet advocacy project, food, cab booking and more.

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