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Internship Details

About Internship:

Max Oil Inc. - a fuel delivery company for cars, planes, boats, and generators. Every day we work to ensure that our clients get their fuel on time.

We have ambitious plans and right now we are looking to build a cool team of Wordpress developers who can make us a cool service. At Letsintern we are launching a multi-year program that will provide us with a workforce. These people will be able to supplement our team when needed. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the program!

If you are ready to work on results and take part in projects that you'll be proud to put in your portfolio, then read our job offers and send your resume.

Roles and Responsibilities:

What will you be doing?

- adaptive, cross-browser layout;
- Installation and configuration of necessary plugins and libraries on Wordpress;
- Implementation of the necessary elements to increase conversions;
- Development of a new and completely unique service;
- improvement of existing services.


What are we willing to offer?

- projects in different niches;
- career growth;
- bonuses, incentives;
- timely payment of wages;
- paid vacations and sick leave.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Dec `21


Rs. 2000-3000

About Company

Max Oil Inc. has been in the market for petroleum products since 2014. We deliver fuel throughout Miami when you need it, and we do it very quickly and in the right amount. We not only fuel cars, but also boats, yachts, and even generators.

Max Oil Inc. has launched a profitable and customer-friendly on-site refueling service. Thanks to the new service, we save not only your time, but also your money.

Advantages of Outside Vehicle Refueling

We guarantee the fulfillment of all regulations stipulated by law:

1. Quality of fuel. Fuels and lubricants are purchased from well-known suppliers selling fuel in accordance with quality certificates.
2. Specialists of Max Oil Inc. regularly check fuels and lubricants for compliance with the declared standards.
3. training of personnel. Fueling operators have necessary skills to work with flammable products and ensure safe refueling of cars.
4. Stable prices for services and fuel. The cost of refueling with Max Oil Inc. services is always lower than the price of fuel and lubricants at the stationary gas-filling stations in your region.

How to pay for your car refueling

Fuel delivery to the indicated address and refueling according to the unified price list of petroleum, oil and lubricants. There are three ways to pay for the service:

1. Cash payment. In this case you get fuel at a price lower than at gas stations in your area.
2. With the help of bank cards. A portable terminal for the transaction is available at the filling station.
3. With a Max Oil Inc. fuel card. Depending on the card type and gasoline purchase conditions the following bonuses are available: cashback in dollars or points; discount card with a discount for each fueling; fuel on credit with partial or full repayment of the credit interest (repayment conditions are chosen based on the number of liters filled up).

How to fill up your car with petrol

You can order the service of fuel delivery on our site, to do it:

- Fill out the order form, enter in the document the type of fuel you need, its amount, specify the place of delivery and your contact information.
- In the order form there are actual prices of fuel at the filling station (for comparison) and prices for outstation fueling. The online counter will help you determine the cost of your order based on the amount of fuel you are purchasing.
- Send the completed document and wait for the manager to call you back.
- Wait for the fuel dispenser to arrive and pay by one of the ways above.

Why choose Max Oil Inc. for refueling your car with gasoline?

- We work with legal entities, private individuals and individual entrepreneurs;
- We save your money;
- you yourself choose the most convenient day and time for the arrival of a refueler;
- we do not charge extra fees and commissions;
- you can get additional benefit by using Max Oil Inc. fuel cards.

Order petrol for your car, and your fuel will be delivered exactly at the time indicated in the application. Take advantage of new convenient services, save time and optimize expenses of your company.


Today we want to create a cool team of Wordpress developers who can make us a great service. On the Letsintern site we are launching a program for several years, which will provide us with working staff. These people will be able to complement our team when needed. All program participants are welcome!

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