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Internship Details

About Craft Identity and "THE JOB"

We are looking for a marketing executive to help us grow the brand and to generate interest in the product and create leads or prospects. This include the retail and the B2B channel for selling our products.


Some of the skills we are looking at include:

Consumer research to identify the needs of the customers

Advertising the products to raise awareness and build the brand.

Help management in pricing products and services to maximize long-term revenue.

Executing strategies for social media presence.

Driving marketing campaigns targeted at event managers and retail prospects.

Coordinating PR activities to build a strong thought leadership position for Craft Identity in the Crafts industry.

Must possess a good business sense to be able to identify profitable business opportunities.

Marketing skills: The manager should be able to pitch goods and services to new clients.

Possess good communication skill.

Negotiation skills: Should be able to dialogue with clients to arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome.

Creative thinking skill – The candidate must have the ability to generate new ideas and concept that will boost the company’s success.

Planning skills: He/she must be able to plan and prioritize various activities and actions for the achievement of set goals.


Responsible for developing the new business pipeline coming in to the company 

Set up and manage alliances and relationships with various suppliers.

Acquire knowledge of the outside market and competitors of the company.

Leverage on various expertise in the company, including every intellectual property to expand the company’s influence; bringing into the market new products; services and business.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 14th Jun `16


Rs. 10000-10000

About Company

Who are we? We are a home project aiming big. The need to create good crafty supplies and designs started Craft Identity and now we plan to take a bigger step and broad the range of products What do we create? Craft supplies, themed party supplies (yes yes, bachelor/ette party included), gifting options, DIY kits, craft making tools, handmade paintings, frames and the list will go on. Basically we want to bring out the creative side in everyone and also make boyfriends better at gift wrapping (One of the team member constantly nags about it)

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