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Internship Details

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: 

1.Writing content for marketing team. Coming up with innovative original ideas.

2.Assist with advertising and marketing promotional activities including social media, mobile, mail, e-mail, web, telemarketing, and print.

3.Assist with search engine optimisation strategies.

4.Content for blogs, website, and social media.

5.Research and analysis on various marketing strategies

6.Design of the content if possible

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 14th Jun `16


Rs. 2500-5000

About Company

As per a Morgan Stanley report, India is the world’s fastest growing smartphone market growing at 23% CAGR. The country is expected to have 5.7 Bn mobile phone users and 340 Mn smartphone users. Statistics further show that an average smartphone user replaces a phone in 15-18months, thereby suggesting that a smartphone is used by a minimum of three people before it exhausts its life cycle. GoTango aims to maintain and increase the life of a smartphone by being connected to that smartphone at all stages of its lifecycle. Post sale, a smartphone needs a repair solution if it has any functional or physical issues,then after using the smartphone for a certain amount of time an individual feels to upgrade that phone with a new one but is really confused about what to do with the old phone. GoTango wants to solve the above problems of repair and selling of these smartphones. By solving these problems, we are increasing the life of a smartphone thus allowing multiple users to use that one smartphone before it exhausts its life cycle or gets disposed as an electronic waste which is of no use. Along with the smartphone category, GoTango aims to be the leader in the post sales service of other Consumer Electronics products too like Laptops,Tablets,Digital Camera,IOT Devices etc and create an eco-system which can address the problems of repair, second hand seller and buyer markets which are closely related.



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