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Internship Details

As OysterConnect.com's Campus Relations Manager you will be required to conduct the following tasks over a duration of 3 months:

1. Get at least 80% students to register on OysterConnect.com from your Own College using your Unique Referral Link (Available on your OysterConnect Account). At least 50 students should register in the first month itself.

2. Get applications for the project offerings from OysterConnect.com and ensure smooth execution/completion of the projects. Campus Relations Managers will be the point of contact for all the other project related communications.

3. Share the unique email ids of students from your entire batch so that they can be kept updated with OysterConnect.com's live project feeds/ other Promotional or Informational Newsletters (This will be done in order to support you in educating your fellow students about OysterConnect.com. You will also be referred to them as their Campus Ambassador so they can approach you for any queries)

4. Like OysterConnect.com's Facebook Page and share the posts regularly on your College/ Student Groups. You may also join OysterConnect.com's Facebook Student Group (Open Group) and get other students to join it.

5. Put up OysterConnect.com's Poster on your College Noticeboards or other Public Places within the Campus which have high visibility/ footfalls from the students.

6. Forward or Share OysterConnect.com's Live Project Links/ Mailers/ Offers/ Blogs on your College Email Groups/ WhatsApp Groups/ Social Media Groups/ Pages/ etc.

7. Get necessary permissions and approvals from your college management authorities for integration of OysterConnect.com's RSS feed on your college website.

8. These tasks will be divided on a monthly basis and Campus Relations Manager will be given monthly targets.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 12th Jun `16


Rs. 2000-6000

About Company

OysterConnect.com is a Platform which provides Live Projects & Virtual Internships sourced directly from the Industry to Students (MBA, BBA, Post-Grads, Under-Grads). 99% of these Project & Internship opportunities are Virtual, and hence can be done from Anywhere in the Country, at Anytime, throughout the Year, alongside Academics. It has a network of 35,000+ Industry Experts & 50,000+ students across the country. OysterConnect.com wishes to further expand its presence among more and more Campuses by connecting with their students and educating them about its products, benefits and features.

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