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Simple internship. We have a product, we need help selling it online. You've got to find ways to do it. It's an unpaid internship and you'll be completely on your own. However, you'll get 5% commission on sales (directly via our payment gateway) - so that the firm doesn't have to regulate your commissions. We'll resolve any kinks with the system, of course.

At present, the product is priced at USD 99 - and you'll earn USD 4.95 on each sale. Once you see what you're selling, you'll notice that selling about a 100 units per month isn't difficult - which could quickly push up your earnings. In case you don't manage to sell, you'll quickly realize that this isn't for you.

If you work with us and do a great job and want more commission (upto 10%) after a few months, that can be done, based on how effective you are at selling the product in the first place. However, no false hopes - we're not offering any sort of employment.

P.S: We'll make plenty of suggestions on how and where to sell, if you want us to.

P.P.S: It's an unpaid internship and you'll be completely on your own because we kind of made a mess of our earlier internship program - where payments were made late - we're ashamed of such things, so we're not offering any stipend this time.

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Apply by: 30th Aug `15


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Premier Pegasus is a think-tank that produces intelligent solutions for individuals, institutions and governments. It has a bright and young team guided by industry veterans who've collectively gained over a 100 years of experience in the top-rungs of the corporate ladder. The company aims to create a world of limitless possibilities for clients, customers and colleagues. With a network of over 250 active consultants across the globe, we're a dynamic and interesting group that seeks to engage __

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