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Internship Details

The Dorm Shop, a web and app based platform is looking for students who would be willing to work from home/college. The opportunity will help the student work in an startup atmosphere and take complete control of their vicinity. Before we explain what the job profile would be like and why you should do it, lets take a look at what we are all about.

Please click on the link below to see a short animation on The Dorm Shop


You will be The Head of Operations for The Dorm Shop of XXX College. Here you will work with the companies local Marketing and Business Development team to come up with game plans and budgets for marketing The Dorm Shop in your college. You will understand the workings of cost of acquisition of a client for a startup. You will also be responsible for maintaining the data of your college. This will give you the experience in fields like marketing, analysis, running a business, being a startup founder and ofcource leadership. You will be the one point contact for the company for all things related to your college. You will be responsible for running the app in your college and taking decisions on its launch, pre-marketing phase and post marketing growth and involvement of students. 

Its a real life simulation, only problem is your mistakes cost us!! Your decisions will have direct results and you will be pinned up against individuals from 20 other colleges across India including IIT Madras & Bombay chosen for the same post. Yes you get paid but the thrill of the game is what should drive you to apply for this job. You think you have what it takes to be a future entrepreneur or a market leader and you can take a better call than the marketing heads out there? Well, lets test the water!  


You will get Rs. 20,000 to spend for branding and marketing activities. You will need to find out ways to get the max bang for your buck. 

Should this money be spent for blogging/hoardings/ recruiting more kids under you to market/ sponsoring fests/ any other idea you think is good

How you get paid: 

All data collected= Rs. 1500 (all 20 interns) 

Campus tour completed = Rs. 1500 (all 20 interns) 

First 50 downloads reached=  Movie tickets for 2 (First 10 interns) 

First 200 downloads reached = Rs. 1500 ( first 7 interns) 

First 500 downloads reached =Rs. 3000 (first 5 interns) 

First 1000 downloads reached = Rs. 5000 (first 3 interns)

College with max percentage of students using the App will fetch Rs. 10,000

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Dec `15


Rs. 3000-22500

About Company

Thedormshop.in aims to be a college centric website with three main areas of interest: online listing of restaurant menu and reviews around the college, an e-commerce website selling essential items for relocating students and providing articles to add zing to their campus lifestyle, a blogging page to provide information on current events in colleges along with college centric news and a campus buddy initiative which helps seniors earn money by helping freshers get acquainte to the college.

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