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Internship Details

MMA (Mig Multiply Army) are college students attending first-second year of college. They are early adapters to new technology and will be an ideal Social Media user who likes to spend time chatting and interacting with friends and content.  They will also act as influencers, for migme in their college.

What will you do?

- Regularly, engage with content posted on migme. By engaging we mean, populate content on migme on a weekly basis and share their content or other fun content from migme on other social networks 

- Preferably, not necessarily, use migme as a primary Social Media channel for their communication.

- Getting friends and peers to use and engage with migme and get their feedback.

- Be active on celebrity chatrooms, groups and posts. Interact with MMA from other colleges and organising migUps. 

'For the initial week, there are no KPIs. Just invest your time in migme, interact with the platform and have fun. '

This is a paid internship and comes with a suitable stipend. You will also get a chance to be part of a growing community of 50,000 students from across India. Successful completion of the internship will also reward you with a internship certificate. 

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 22nd Mar `16


Rs. 100-500

About Company

migme Limited is a leader in delivering social entertainment services, with a focus on emerging markets. 

The company’s flagship product is migme (www.mig.me) which provides chat, content and blogging services -and they own artist entertainment site www.alivenotdead.com. 

The Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: MIG) and quoted on Deutsche Börse: WELA (WKN: A117AB), with operations headquartered in Singapore and offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

More info: http://company.mig.me

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