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Internship Details

A leading L&D organization in Mumbai - Enkash - is looking for a fresh graduate or person with below 2 years of experience for their business development assignment.

The assignment is open to people who want to work full time or part time. For part timers it will be work from home.

The candidate should possess good communication and influencing skills.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 4th Sep `16


Rs. 3000-10000

About Company

Vision: To enable people cherish the joy of learning, so that they live an enriched life and create a blooming organization.  

Mission: We would take learning & development to every small and big organization in India, and help people experience the bliss of living in a learning environment.

En-KASH is built with the objective of taking professional trainings services to each and every company in India. A professionally trained person adds value to himself, to the company he works for and helps build a financially and intellectually better nation.

Training in India is still limited to the top companies and vast majority of SMEs who are helping in building the GDP for the nation are working with little or no training expertise.


Even most of the top companies do not follow a systematic development plan for their employees and training is often done to bridge gaps (not proactively develop people). En-KASH has a two pronged strategy to meet its vision, one part focuses on the mass market of SMEs, which are critical to the India success story and the other parts focuses on bringing more meaningful and impactful training solutions to the top companies in India.


Our model of working with professional training partners, with a low cost model, intends to bring down the training cost and make it affordable to each and every company and individual. We have decided to cut cost on things like advertising, swanky office premises, luxury stays, hi-end travel etc. But at the same time, we would never cut cost on trainer quality, use of latest methodologies & meeting commitments to our customers. In short we would cut cost on the items, which intends to provide luxury and comfort to us and not add value to the customer, but not cutting cost on items, which provide the best of services and solutions to our customers.

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