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Internship Details

In today’s competitive world, where there is a constant need to showcase one’s caliber and efficiency, here is a sure – shot way to let people know about your knowledge and prowess. The Business Management Olympiad is an exam to test the intellectual prowess of the candidates and to test the levels of the management knowledge they have. The exam will consist of 4 subjects and all the questions will be multiple choice. The Olympiad aims to make the candidates updated with the latest happenings around the world and the concepts they will usually not come across in the text books. The Olympiad will receive a trophy certificate, trophy and cash prize as disclosed at a later date. So, come, organise BMO in your college and generate champions in this test of the brain – for the brain is what is more powerful that brawn or power!

FIBERBOARD PARTNERS in association with Psypher Interactive is looking to conduct the Business Management Olympiad – BMO in top colleges across India. This is the largest ever national level management literacy initiative targeting college students.

Students get to flex their Entrepreneurial skills, get campus entrepreneur certificate from FIBERBOARD PARTNERS and earn money equivalent with their results and efforts. 

This internship will be your chance to get Entrepreneurial experience. You will be mentored by the dynamic start up co-founders and directors during internship program. As part of this program, you will have to make a team of 3-4 students of same college and market BMO in your college, by assigning roles, working with college authorities and operating with resources available like true Entrepreneurs.

More Info: 

Eligible Students – all students, management students preferred. 

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Jan `16


Rs. 5000-50000

About Company

FIBERBOARD is a startup with cater to all Marketing needs to customers. It is one stop place for all Marketing including Outdoor marketing and online marketing. Marketing is backbone of any firm, to make it simple for people we have come in market to provide all marketing service to customers at one place. SEO, SEM, BULK EMAILS AND MESSAGES, WHAT's APP MARKETING, CORPORATE GIFTS AND PR ACTIVITIES.

Fiberboard is now diversified into Education sector. We need College students as intern.

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