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Internship Details

Internship Title

Sales and Marketing Associate

Location : Work from home

Duration : 3-6 months

Key Responsibilities

•To get the Sales for both/either of the following Online Professional Industry-Oriented Trainings & Certifications Courses from the college students segment in India as decided by the Organization

*Program Management Leadership

*Long Term Evolution(4G)-Overview &      Architecture 

•Create Your Sales forecast and Pricing Strategies for the college students segment in India under the guidance of  your Reporting Director.

•Create Your Sales Pitch adapted from PgM Careers Marketing Content under the guidance of your Reporting Director.

•Create Your Marketing Creative based on the online training attended.

•Attend Online Meetings/Calls on a need basis.


Payout is based on Performance.

Payout is at Rs 500/Sale


 Rewards I 

 For EVERY 10 Sales ,Interns would get Bonus of Rs 5000.

 Rewards II

 For EVERY 100 Sales ,Interns would get Bonus of Rs 1 Lakh

 Rewards III

 Interns achieving minimum of 10 Sales are eligible for "Successful Sales & Marketing Internship Completion Certificate"

 Rewards IV

 Interns achieving minimum 10 Sales are eligible for Positive Internship Performance Review by your Reporting Director

 Rewards V

 Interns would get additional Payouts(difference between base price and higher price) if they are able to get the Sales at a higher price than the base price

For example,If the Base Price is Rs 3500 and You are able to sell the online training at Rs 4500.You would get an additional Rs 1000 in addition to the Payouts & other Bonuses 

 Rewards VI

 For 30 sales in a Month,Interns would get additional Bonus of Rs 20,000 

 Rewards VII

 Interns achieving 100 Sales would get a "Sales & Marketing Performance Excellence Certificate "

Payouts & Bonus are designed in such a way that

a) Interns achieving 1000 Sales will have a earning Income of 20 Lacs

b) Interns achieving 500 Sales will have a earning Income of 10 Lacs 

c) Interns achieving 200 Sales will have a earning Income of Rs 4 Lacs

e) Interns achieving 100 Sales will have a earning Income of Rs 2 Lakh

f) Interns achieving 50 Sales will have a earning Income of Rs 50,000

g) Interns achieving 10 Sales will have a earning Income of Rs 10,000

10 Sales Rewards,Bonus & Recognitions:

PgM Careers is striving earnestly to give maximum benefits listed below to the successful Interns who are able to achieve a minimum 10 Sales and that is why we would want Serious,Committed and Resilient Interns to apply and get selected for this Internship who believe in their abilities to realize a minimum of 10 sales in order to achieve the below list of Performance Stipend,Bonus & Recognition given by the Organization.

• Bonus of Rs 5000

• Performance based Stipend of Rs 10,000 (inclusive of above Bonus)

• Successful Sales & Marketing Internship Completion Certificate

• Positive Internship Performance Review by your Reporting Director 

• Reimbursement of cost of the Online Training undertaken by the Intern after joining

Internship Learning Benefits

Induction Training

Sales & Marketing Associate needs to complete the Assigned Online Training after Joining for preparing your Marketing creative.Once you complete the Reimbursable online Training identified by the Organization,You would receive the following before you finish your 1st Sales cycle.

- Training Certificate of Completion for the Assigned Course

- Training eReference material for the Assigned Course

Apart the Online Training,The Sales & Marketing Associate would also be given a Induction training covering the Marketing content for the Online Trainings,Pricing ,communication guidelines,Payout and bonus calculation,Overview of different pricing strategies,working of the Sales cycle,Sales&Marketing Best practices/guidance for creating Sales Pitch/Sales Presentation,flyer samples,updation of Sales Tracker and finally Unlimited Mentorship support from your Reporting Director throughout the tenure of the Internship

PgM Careers would REIMBURSE the cost of the Training and Certification assigned by the Organization for Interns achieving 10 Sales whichever applicable below

-Program Management Leadership Training & Certification 

-Long Term Evolution(4G) Training & Certification (For Electronics/Electrical/Computer Science Engineering Interns)

PgM Careers would SPONSOR the following Trainings and Certifications

For Interns achieving 100 Sales

 AGILE Project Management Training & Certification

 For Interns achieving 200 Sales

 Sales Training & Certification from a renowned Sales Institution in USA/Sweden

Job Consideration

The Intern's Resilience, People Networking skills, Decision-making, Communication,Commitment and Performance will be assessed over a period of 6 months to see the suitability of the Intern for the Sales Manager Position with PgM Careers with a Salary of 10 Lacs p.a.

Additional Information:

Program management is a cross-functional governing leadership framework which is widely used by more than 70% of the  Organizations /Corporates/MNCs worldwide to launch its Products/Services commercially which can be adapted to any Technology/Industry.

Long Term Evolution(LTE) is also known as 4G wireless Technology

Monthly Income Potential:

If the Intern is achieving only 10 Sales in a month,he/she would get a income of Rs 10,000

If the Intern is able to achieve 30 Sales in a month,he/she would get a income of Rs 50,000

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 2nd Jan `16


Rs. 10000-50000

About Company

PgM Careers is a Program Management Services Firm based out of Bangalore,India.

 PgM Careers delivers 3 core services.
 * Program Management Consulting Services
 * Program Management Training Services
 * Program Management Staffing Services

 PgM Careers provides Program Management Services to most of the Industries/Domains - Telecom,Wireless,Billing,Embedded,Banking,Healthcare,Networking,Enterprise Applications, Mobile,Chip Design and Retail.


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