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Internship Details

It is a virtual internship, so your location doesn't matter

Please visit our blog post at http://roughsheet.com/blog/index.php/2015/12/31/marketing-intern/ for all the details.

We are a 5-member strong early stage start-up based out of Pune and we’re looking to hire marketing intern (s). Following are the basic details & benefits you will enjoy while working with us, eligibility of joining us, responsibilities that you will have and the procedure of selection. Go through each section, carefully!

So, the basic details & benefits of working with us are:

1. The internship starts on February 1, 2016 and ends on July 17, 2016

2. You will earn INR 1,500 per week

3. You’ll get the chance to interact with the members of a fast-paced, high-growth, early-stage start-up

4. Should you chose to meet us, feel free to drop by at our apartment-cum-office at any time

5. We’ll also guide you in your career and if needed, connect you with some kickass people in the corporate and start-up world

6. You’ll learn a lot; believe us!

7. We occasionally like to go out for drinks and movies, so, if you are selected and if you live in Pune, then your outings will be on us!

8. We’re all single people in the team, so please do not invite your partner to our small parties (it will piss us off!)

9. Should you perform well during your time with us, we won’t hesitate to make a pre-placement offer to you

10. The details of the pre-placement offer will be discussed when the opportune moment comes along


1. You have to be a college student in order to join us, preferably, third or final year of an engineering college

2. You have to be an Indian citizen living in the country!

3. You have to be extremely great at convincing people

4. You have to have good conversation skills

5. We don’t care about your branch

6. We don’t care about your percentage or CGPA

7. We don’t care about your relationship status

8. You just have to be hardworking, sincere and fun-loving


1. Marketing – online and offline

2. Identifying better and more efficient marketing strategies

3. Helping us improve our product with your suggestions

Selection Procedure:

1. We’ll accept applications until January 24, 2016

2. But, the sooner you apply, the better are your chances

3. We will conduct a screening test of all the applicants before conducting interviews

4. The rules of the screening test will be emailed to you

5. The screening test will be a continuous process, starting from the time when we send the details to you, and ending on January 24, 2016

6. Hence, we again emphasize, the sooner you apply, the better are your chances

7. Based on the performance in the screening test, we will shortlist the potential interns for an interview (face-to-face or telephonic)

8. The interviews will be conducted between January 25, 2016 and January 30, 2016

9. Don’t worry, we are not monsters!

10. We will declare the results on January 31, 2016

General things to remember:

1. We won’t pay you for being sitting ducks and not performing the tasks assigned to you

2. Remember, even after getting selected, if you fail to perform your role according to our expectations, we may have to let you go

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 23rd Jan `16


Rs. 6000-8000

About Company

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