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Internship Details

Core responsibilities

• Responsible for Local Area Marketing activities like flyers distributions and Canopy movement, and Park Campaign etc. 

• Promotion of Vikalp Learning Center in Local Area to bring children at the center

• Conducting Activity in different Schools,

• Lead generation through calling or visiting schools.

• Foster solid, meaningful relationships with school leadership

• Preparing reports for the sales activities

• Facilitate implementation and full adoption of the Vikalp solution

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 25th Nov `16


Rs. 5000-1000

About Company

VIKALP, in Hindi means the alternative.It is an idea, a vision shared by like-minded educationists and designers instrumental in bridging the gap between different ways of learning and a standard style of teaching followed in schools. We believe that the learning process of each child is different and alternative ways and materials should be devised to suit the diverse requirement of school-going children.Our focus is on developing alternative methods and materials which help children to learn concepts and make connection with what they already know and experience in their real life. Our logo, a common paper toy is used symbolically to represent our learning apparatus. This toy is usually made of ordinary paper but if it is used in a particular way, it can explain the scientific principles behind windmills and turbines.Similar to a paper toy, the material and design of our learning apparatus is very close to the real life of children. They can think and feel with them. The inherent properties of familiar materials are used. Appropriate activities have been developed so that while using them a learner discovers knowledge and several new ideas are triggered. Thus enhancing the quality of instruments through which children look at, interpret and make different concepts intelligible.

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