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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to join College Quest and provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals. You will have administrative duties in developing and implementing marketing strategies. As a marketing intern, you will collaborate with our team and help organize campaigns. Your insightful contribution will help develop, expand and maintain our marketing channels. This internship will help you acquire marketing skills and provide you with knowledge of various marketing strategies. Ultimately, you will gain broad experience in marketing and should be prepared to enter any fast-paced work environment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

You will be required to connect and network with like-minded individuals.
The intern will work with our strategy team in order to further market our company on digital platforms as well as in person.
The day to day work will entail basic networking and marketing.


1. For each client you acquire you will get Rs. 15000.
2. Low commitment, need to have good networking skills work out of college/school.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 11th Sep `19


Expenses Covered

About Company

College Quest is a college counselling institute which has been guiding students towards achieving their dreams of admissions into colleges abroad. We cater to students wanting to study in the United States of America, Canada, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. We are based out of Delhi and the team comprises dedicated individuals who work tirelessly with the students and parents alike for counselling and guidance.

College Quest is going to be with students all throughout the way because we want to be a part of their support system. Wholesome guidance and early counselling are the twin pillars of our belief. We believe that a strong foundation is important for the future. A successful application doesn’t only include good test scores but also entails a comprehensive portfolio with good academic standing, extra curriculars that showcase their potential. We want to invest in their future to help them secure admission in the college they deserve.

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