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Internship Details

I had launched GoodDeeds in a close beta about a month ago with an aim to highlight the heroes in our community, spread word about their deeds, for the rest of us to get inspired by their actions & for us to become a crusader of that cause.

The platform is ready and now it is time to take it forward. I am looking for people who are first and foremost passionate about this cause and want to do their bit for the society. I am looking for co-creators who will help this platform grow with their passion and dedication. The responsibilities include (but are not restricted to):
Marketing or if you prefer Growth Hacking: Finding creative ways to spread the word about GoodDeeds and executing on them
Content Writing: Find stories of more such heroes and write about them on the platform
Community Building: Replicating few deeds from the GoodDeeds platform or initiating the replication of the same
Again, this is just a snapshot of what you can do, I am genuinely looking for co-creators and you will be credited and acknowledged as one!

If you are passionate about social entrepreneurship, this is a great chance to help start and grow something that is still in its nascent stage.

Regarding remuneration, if you do apply for this, passion should be your dough, although there will be some money to show! You can get paid between 5k to 10k per month, but please only apply if you want to act as a co-creator and are genuinely interested in social entrepreneurship.

Some additional notes about GoodDeeds here -->  http://bit.ly/1QMzg11

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 28th Feb `16


Rs. 5000-10000

About Company

GoodDeeds is a platform to highlight the heroes in our community, spread the word about their deeds, get inspired by their actions & become a crusader for that cause.

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