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Buzzopia is one of the India’s most influential Self-Evolution training Academy.  

Buzzopia is the first academy in India that works on the growing school children by discovering self and evolve in all spheres of life. Buzzopia is a platform for the production of competent, confident, creative, well mannered, rational, growth-oriented, efficient and empowered leaders that will rule their respective careers. We, at Buzzopia train the children to become prodigies and have a best career. 

It is a life changing workshop not only to become best professionals in children’s respective careers but also work on them to become proficient person who can handle all situations that come across at different stages of life.

We inspire, initiate and motivate you to look into yourself and unleash your potential and also distil your sense of purpose and guide you to places beyond current ambition and imagination.

We promote knowledge, understanding, awareness and observation of the people and situations around inner strengths. We seek to accomplish this through promoting self-evolution exercises, educating, aerobics and training students and providing platform to set standards and reward achievement.

Buzzopia has a long history of elevating and boosting up self- progression and unfolding one’s confidence and capabilities. It was founded to re-invigorate selfhood discovery among adolescents. With our training being taught to so many students in the town, we help and encourage our students to perfect their skills that not only help in their career but also keep them fit and confident in their daily life.

You choose to initiate transformation and the concerned experts and professional trainers will help unlock your dormant potential and unravel queries about your purpose.

In fewer words, we help connect you to yourself.

We ensure a higher sense of being, clarity and with your participation, an awakening of potential that even you might be unaware of.

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Apply by: 15th May `16


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About Company

Please find attached the details of my workshops that would be highly beneficial for the students from class 6-12. I have a team of qualified professionals for the different contents.

I have been giving these workshops in different schools in Delhi and Mumbai since last 4 years that has been very successful. We work hard on the transformations to happen from within among children.

My workshops are Self-Evolution Workshops based on more of the development of children's communications, intelligence, talents, knowledge, creativity, emotions, career, energies.

In this, knowledge is best given by schools but at the same time if they know how to handle themselves, people, situations that they will come across in future and present then they come out as strong person and will succeed in whatever career they choose. 

In this workshop i also want to talk and discuss the issues teens come across that decrease the productivity and deliver poor results. Hence i wish to give solutions to such issues.

I have worked out on a program that works on the brain of children and hence eases out all kind of career efforts, decisions, flow of energy, confidence, being responsible, cheerfulness, awareness, initiatives, concentration, being creative and balance among all.

All my activities,exercises, work and lessons are designed around all these concepts.

Looking forward for your initiative for best and strong future of your students.

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