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Knowledge is best given in schools. At the same time we need to understand that learning is in fact an on-going process and it can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. As individuals we live in a fast moving society and it is crucial that we remain knowledgeable and competitive. What we know and how proficient we are in the skills that we have acquired determines our “market-value”, efficiency and competency level. It is therefore important that we “invest” in ourselves to constantly upgrade by continuously learning new skills or bettering those that we have already acquired. We need to realize that it is our own responsibility to ensure that we continuously learn and improve. The facilitators help us identify areas which we may need to seek improvements and the areas we are best at. The responsibility of self-development lies on our shoulders. It is important to remember that we will end up with what we created that is why it is of importance that we put in the commitment, care and attention that is needed. We will have to decide how important it is to develop our inner strengths or overcome our flaws and the amount of time and effort that we would want to invest in so doing. In order for us to build a successful self-making it is critical that we understand and apply some fundamental principles of self-development. 

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Please find attached the details of my workshops that would be highly beneficial for the students from class 6-12. I have a team of qualified professionals for the different contents.

I have been giving these workshops in different schools in Delhi and Mumbai since last 4 years that has been very successful. We work hard on the transformations to happen from within among children.

My workshops are Self-Evolution Workshops based on more of the development of children's communications, intelligence, talents, knowledge, creativity, emotions, career, energies.

In this, knowledge is best given by schools but at the same time if they know how to handle themselves, people, situations that they will come across in future and present then they come out as strong person and will succeed in whatever career they choose. 

In this workshop i also want to talk and discuss the issues teens come across that decrease the productivity and deliver poor results. Hence i wish to give solutions to such issues.

I have worked out on a program that works on the brain of children and hence eases out all kind of career efforts, decisions, flow of energy, confidence, being responsible, cheerfulness, awareness, initiatives, concentration, being creative and balance among all.

All my activities,exercises, work and lessons are designed around all these concepts.

Looking forward for your initiative for best and strong future of your students.

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