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Internship Details

Think about it - Startups are cool for a reason! You get to see entrepreneurs solve problems and

overcome the biggest obstacles to make their dreams come true and add value to the world.!

Our founding team is from Stanford, IIT Delhi, Facebook, Bain Capital, BCG and Microsoft with many

combined years of Silicon Valley and India experience in tech, product and business roles.

Growth Hacker - Paid Internship

1 Description of Responsibilities

A hacker is someone who cares more about what needs to get done than how it should get

done. As a result, hackers come up with innovative ways to get things done.

• Hackers will be given modular assignments to growth hack users, grow the team, market

research, market visits, product management, digital marketing, data mining etc

• Hackers will get to work in a fast-paced environment and report directly to the CEO

• The start date can be as soon as possible. The duration is also flexible.

We’re fixing the consumer banking experience. And for that, we need to collect customer insights,

conduct market research, brainstorm solutions and jump over any other roadblocks that come

along the way.

Do you want to work at a finance-technology Startup ?

Here’s why we want you :

How to Apply

Email your Linkedin profile link or resume, mobile number to launchpad@8finatics.com.

Please add a short description about why exactly you responded, what stood out to you

about the post, and what your motivations and expectations are from this internship ?


This depends on how strong the candidate is and whether they are part-time/full-time. The

general range is from 10 - 50 K per month.

8Finatics | www.8finatics.com | launchpad@8finatics.com | Sarjapur Road, Bangalore


By the end of this intern, the hacker will have learnt a great deal about how a technology

startup works, and will grow exponentially in multiple areas including design-thinking,

growth-hacking, product management and a general attitude of getting things done.

When you change the way you see the world, you change the world you see

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 9th Jan `16


Rs. 10000-50000

About Company

We're founded by folks from Stanford and IIT Delhi, are well-funded, based in Bangalore and are in the Fin-tech space. Fin-tech is simply the intersection of finance and technology, and unlike most other sectors where market sizes cap at about a Billion dollars, this sector starts at trillion dollar market sizes. We're not yet another payments or wallets startup, but instead are using Artifical Intelligence and Data Mining to develop intelligence on over 50 crore people in India, then use Machine Learning to predict their behavior in real-time. It's an extremely complex product, and we want only the smartest to be part of our team.

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