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Internship Details

We are looking for an intern to work with a partner of our firm and assist with fundamental research and analysis on merit-worthy investment opportunities among publicly listed equities. We are looking for someone who is passionate about investing and is good at taking on responsibility and ownership of assigned projects. An individual with immense motivation and drive will thrive in the meritocratic work environment of a smaller sized office like ours. There is the possibility of an internship converting to a full-time position subject to the candidate's performance during the internship period as we are looking to build a larger research team. The compensation provided during the internship period should be viewed as a stipend. Compensation terms will be revised if the position turns into a full time role in the future. Skills essential for this role: - Accounting - Basic financial analysis & metrics - Strong command of Microsoft excel - Ability to communicate clearly Traits essential for this role: - High intellectual curiosity - Immense drive and motivation - Passionate about investing - Strong work ethic More information about our firm and our investment philosophy can be found on our website - www.dmzpartners.in

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Jan `14


Rs. 15000

About Company

DMZ Partners is a proprietary* investment firm based in Mumbai, India. The firm serves as a family investment and research office. We use a fundamental-research oriented approach to find attractively valued, high quality companies which are managed by people possessing the highest levels of integrity and superior execution capabilities in their respective fields. More information about us and our investing philosophy can be found on our website at www.dmzpartners.in *proprietary - in the investing domain, this term refers to investment activities carried out on behalf of a firm's own balance sheet as opposed to investment activities carried out on behalf of a client.

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