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Internship Details

About Internship:

As a Channel Sales Associate, you will identify and develop new business opportunities for partner relationships. You will primarily be responsible for generating sales revenue through channel partners.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Build and manage strong client relationships under the leadership of our National Sales Manager.
Prospect and market research.
Communicate the unique value of LOWKAL and our services to top decision-makers and executive-level stakeholders.
Vet key opportunities from the existing pipeline as well as generate new business leads.
Maintain sales/prospect databases and assist in data management for all sales activity, including contact management, firm information, sales calling activity, etc.
Be a product knowledge expert and stay current on industry trends.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Apr `19


Rs. 12000-15000

About Company

M/s. Lowkal Healthcare (P) Ltd.,is promoted by Mr. Vinod Sadashivaiah, Mr.Yogendra Patel and Mr.Kulin Y Patel since 2008 to manufacture healthy food choices to manage diabetes.

 To help people suffering from diabetes manage, daily sugar goals

Lowkal produces a safe sugar substitute made from the extract of Stevia leaves. These leaves are 300 times sweeter than sugar but have zero calorific value and zero Glycemic index. Lowkal Stevia uses a patent-pending process to completely eliminate the bitterness usually associated with stevia leaves. Lowkal Stevia does not contain sucralose and Aspartame which are feared as dangerous on consistent consumption. This makes it the most natural, healthy and great-tasting sugar alternative the market can offer.

Stevia sweeteners are approved by the highest regulatory bodies across the world. The following bodies are
•    U. S Food & Drug Administration
•    European Food Safety Authority
•    Food & Agriculture Organization
•    World Health Organization
•    Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives
•    Food Standards Australia/New Zealand
•    French Agency for Food, Environmental & Occupational Health and Safety
•    FSSAI
Vision & Mission
To control Diabetes and reduce the dependency on medicine by 2027.

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