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Internship Details

About Internship:

Grow with us in our Online Marketing & Sales Internship Program and play a role working as part of a dedicated team of people who are passionate about The Outlook Group! You will be accountable for applying key learning’s to successfully assist and execute online sales programs to satisfy our customer needs, excite our consumers and drive sales. Allow me to introduce Knowledge Jockey, a revolutionary Online Marketing & Sales initiative by Outlook Group, where students Lean & Earn at the same time. Once you sign up for Knowledge Jockey you become part of the revolution & start learning & understanding the finer nuances of how business is done on the internet. It will not only gives the right new age exposure but also prove to be an amazing PROJECT.

Outlook Group introduce to students an opportunity to get conversant with new age business which we believe will grow to become the biggest marketing & sales channel across industries. Even small & medium size businesses have transformed themselves by doing business on the web & names like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon, ebay, fashion&you etc are household names today.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Generating Strategies for Outlook Group's Magazines using Corporate Promotional Activities & Online Internet Marketing.
2.Giving presentation about the product.
3.Maintaining CRM By Studying Consumer Buying Behavior Of Outlook Magazines.
4.To Study the Potential of Social Networking Sites In Order to Increase Circulation of Outlook Magazines.


1.Internship Certificate.
2.Letter of Appreciation*.
3.Letter of Recommendation*.
4.Placement Opportunity*.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th Sep `19


Rs. 3000-20000

About Company


We have had the privilege of training more than 10,000 students from all the reputed institutions all over India.

Introduction to the company :

Outlook is a weekly general interest magazine first issued in October, 1995. The company is owned by Raheja Group with founding editor Mr. Vinod Mehta. Since then Outlook has done really well and is one of the premier magazines in India.

Outlook issues magazines in 5 sectors, details of which are mentioned below :

1. Outlook Weekly Magazine 

Outlook is weekly magazine which publishes content related to current affairs, politics, news, entertainment and fashion etc.

Editor : Mr. Ruben Banerjee

Price per issue : Rs.60/-

2.Outlook Traveller

Outlook Traveller is magazine related to travelling, it is India's number 1 travelling magazine which tells a reader about new travelling experiences across India and the world. The magazine details on how to travel, where to travel, luxury travelling, economy travelling etc.

Editor : Mr. Amit Dixit

Price per issue : Rs.100/-

Frequency : Monthly

3.Outlook Money

Outlook Money is a personal finance magazine which publishes content related to finance, stock markets, investment, SIPs etc. It is India's number 1 personal finance magazine and also ranked 3rd globally in terms of personal finance.

Editor : Mr. Arindam Mukherjee

Price per issue : Rs.50/-

Frequency : Monthly

4. Outlook Business 

Outlook business is a magazine that publishes content related to business strategies, case studies, current market trends and interviews etc.

Price per issue : Rs.50/-

Editor : Ms. N Mahalakshmi

Frequency : fortnightly (Every 15 days)

5. Outlook Hindi  

Outlook Hindi is a general interest magazine which publishes content related to current affairs, politics, fashion, sports etc.

Price per issue : Rs.25/-

Editor : Mr. Harvir Singh

Frequency : Bi-weekly(in every two weeks)

Details about your internship :

As a sales and marketing intern your job here will be to promote subscriptions for the company, you will be given tasks both in sales and marketing that would include the following

1. Listing out all our competitors, track their growth and activities using spreadsheet on a daily and weekly basis.

2. Comparing Outlook's activities to other competitors in the market.

3. Selling subscriptions for the company for various magazines.

4. Have an ongoing link building process.

5. Helping out with building trust and royalty.

6. Building data for the company using social media and e-mailing platforms.

7. Reporting properly on e-mails.

You will be part of a revolutionary sales and marketing CRM program called Knowledge Jockey, as a knowledge jockey your job will be to promote the habit of reading amongst people.

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