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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are seeking a digital marketing/social media marketing Intern who will help us plan, execute and optimize our marketing channel. You will work and collaborate with senior members to track and measure performances and provide results for all digital marketing efforts on various platforms.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Social Media Marketing Intern

- Get us 30 followers on Instagram.

-15 Facebbok likes on Ahimsa Page

-15 subscribers on Ahimsa Youtube Channel.

-10 followers on Twitter and Linkedin each.

-05people for survey and webinar.

- 5 Promotional stories on Instagram Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns


1. Boost your Career with Social Media Marketing Internship
2. A chance to enhance your CV
3. A certificate after the completion of Internship.
4. LOR
5.Work for a cause.
6. Short Term Internship

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 29th Aug `20


Rs. 0

About Company


At Ahimsa, we believe that corporate social responsibility should be inclusive in nature, regardless of the size of an organisation. We, therefore, offer holistic CSR and branding solutions to Medium and Small Enterprises through our expertise in Digital Advertising and Marketing, Skill development sessions, management consultation, B2B networking events, collaborations and more. We have a dedicated team working towards realizing the goals of our collaborators and making a positive impact on society. 

We are a pro bono firm which takes pride in enthusiasm for personal, professional and societal growth. 

Together, we can leverage your mission and vision to help build a bigger brand and even bigger CSR project.

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