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Internship Details

About Internship:

We are seeking Social Media Marketing and Public Awareness Interns who can promote our Company on both Online and Offline as well.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Working on strong visibility of the company in social media
2. Creating striking strategies to make the information reach out to maximum peoples
3. Building a strong plan to make the company's name into huge existence by creating at least 2--3 posts, articles, and testimonies on social media.


1. Certificate
2. Letter of recommendation
3. Incentives on Outstanding Performance

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 15th Dec `19


Rs. 0

About Company

Our vision is to help decrease unemployment and in order to achieve that we're working in three Programs:

1. Startup Business Program: A unique Skill Development and Training Program which helps to create new Startups by providing them Knowledge, Training, Counselling, Marketing, and Financial Support. This program is basically for those individuals who are unemployed and willing to start their own Business.

2. Leadership Program: To Develop your Self-Awareness, Resiliency & Learning Agility We provide you Cutting-Edge Programs, Talented Facilitators and Counselors to become a better Leader. We are operating this program both Online (YouTube/Podcasts/Webinars) and Offline (Seminars/Workshops/Events) under the Brand (Double 'K') mentored by our Founder.

3. Marketing Solution Program: In this program we help Individuals/Companies who are willing to expand their Business in India by providing them End-To-End Management and Marketing Solutions. For Traditional Business Owners and Service Providers, we created an app 'Just Click. 'Just Click' App is The most Convenient, Affordable and Easiest Marketing Solution to any Traditional Business.A Smart Marketing App that helps connecting people to directly with Sellers and Service Providers of their local Marketplace.

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