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Internship Details

Join India's Growth Story - First of its kind Fellowship Program of The Art of Living.

The Art of Living Fellowship invites the worlds brightest and most driven youth to solve some of India’s pressing development challenges. https://www.fellowship.artofliving.org

The fellowship is 1 year long and focuses on Water, Education and Public Policy in Rural India. Applicants choose one focus area in which they want to make an impact in and spearhead a project on their own.

Fellows will not only be challenged to solve some of India's pertinent issues but will also be mentored and supported throughout the program.

Our Model


Our fellowship model aims to carve out the best version of yourself, so that you can make maximum impact in your chosen cause, and the world.

Induction Program

Beginning the fellowship, you will undergo a rigorous and interdisciplinary induction program that aids in leadership training focused on personal empowerment, self-awareness and building individual and team resilience.

You will then engage in a 2-week multidisciplinary module to build necessary quantitative and qualitative skills for social development work and strengthen your conceptual understanding of the theories, policies and challenges around development in India.

The induction program will also have Systematic Innovative Thinking and Development Communications workshops to help you learn to easily connect with diverse groups of people, work across differences and foster solutions by thinking from a global and local context. 

The induction program will then be followed by you plunging into the field and engaging with the real-life issue at the grassroots level. 

On-going Training and Support


Throughout the fellowship, you will be guided by experienced mentors as you address a pertinent global challenge hands-on. These mentors include government officials, project managers and academics leading their fields..


Fellows will consistently be provided with the chance to build their skills and knowledge through : 

-Soft skills workshops on leadership and team building ;

-Workshops on out-of-the-box analytical and innovative thinking ;

-Knowledge Seminars around interdisciplinary approaches to social development.


Fellows learn self-awareness techniques such as mindful breathing and meditation to help them balance their emotions, connect with themselves, manage stress and gain greater self-confidence. These techniques prove particularly useful when engaging in high-intensity social impact work and prevent fellows from burnout.

The YES+ also provides fellows frameworks for leading happy and successful lives by offering simple universal principles to help students navigate relationships, opportunities and challenges throughout their lives with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose and belongingness.


Change makers Co. is a community of Art of Living Fellows to connect, support and share their explorative journeys towards redefining leadership and creating social impact transformation in India. The program allows the fellows to genuinely connect with each other and build positive communities based on meaningful connections, trust and respect.


Why The Art of Living Fellowship?

Extensive Network : The organization has an expansive diverse body of community leaders, experts and academics across 155 countries over 6 continents

Relentless Drive : The volunteers at the Art of Living are unique because of their tireless enthusiasm, relentless drive and sheer passion to create a change.

Vast Experience : The Art of Living has been inspiring individuals and driving impact in the social sector for the past 36 years.

Holistic Growth : Our fellowship model chisels your personality holistically by not only challenging you to solve complex real-life issues, but also by offering you personal growth techniques to explore the best version of yourself.


The stage is now set for you to take charge and catalyze change with the support of this expansive community of passionate change makers. Are you ready to plunge?


Our fellows are daring, dedicated and dynamic individuals committed to the Art of Living's mission to redefine leadership and create a tangible social impact in India.


 —I : Application Form

The application form gives us a chance to know more about you – your personal and education background as well as what drives you and makes you tick. It gives you an opportunity to tell us why you want to join our fellowship in particular and why you are a strong candidate for the program. 

 —II : Telephonic Interview

After the application form and test, you will have a 30-minute phone interview with one of our team members asking you further questions based on your application. 

—III : In-person Evaluation

If you are successful in your telephonic interview, we will then invite you for an in-person assessment. Here, applicants will present their research model and methodology for their area of interest and undergo an interview involving group discussion, problem solving and decision making exercises.

Watch the short 1 minute video on experience of the current young and dynamic Projects Team - http://youtu.be/UswSMcziilY

Deadline for Application: 20th June, 2017

Fill your Application here - http://www.fellowship.artofliving.org/apply

Please note that there are Limited Seats available for the Fellowship. Even though the Application deadline is 20th June 2017, the selection process is continuous. You are encouraged to Apply as soon as possible.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 19th Jun `17


Rs. 8000-8000

About Company

The Art of Living, founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is a global humanitarian organisation focusing on personal transformation and public service across 155 countries and 6 continents. It is currently one of the largest volunteer-based organisations in the world. The Art of Living offers programs to reduce stress and develop leaders so that human values can flourish in people and communities. It designs unique solutions for broader social change by collaborating with universities, schools, corporations, organisations, prisons, government agencies, and international development organizations.

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