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Internship Details

About Internship:

Reverse Engineer the existing technical code written in C++, C and SQL to derive interrelation, data flow, module inter dependencies, and logic implemented and create ‘High and Low’ level design documents.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Should have knowledge on the workflow creation (flow charts)
2. Should be able to analyze code and understand the logic implemented.
3. Should have excellent command over C ++ concepts (like, Classes, Pointers, arrays, References, I/O streams, Typecasting, Standard C Libraries, Namespace, Containers, functions (Function Templates),Statements, Expressions, Threads and Tasks, Variables, scope of variables, Operators, Conditions statements and Operations Multidimensional, bitwise and logical operations) etc.


Breakfast, evening Snacks and a shared office space will be provided by the company.
The intern is responsible for all other personal expenses.
The company does not provide any conveyance, accommodation or travel expenses.

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 20th Oct `18


Rs. 25000-25000

About Company

Our Identity

MarkeTopper Pvt Ltd. is an India-based algorithmic Investment Research & Trading firm founded in 2001. In its initial phase the firm focused on highly accelerated development of efficient engines for generating deep pools of trading strategies for multiple markets. These pools were then successfully deployed in National Stock Exchange of India over the next decade.

Our Approach

Our core dual objectives are constant improvement and rapid adaptability to ensure consistently superior trading performance. We believe that "beating the market" is possible only by empowering our people to think independently, innovate continuously and rapidly adapt to changing scenarios. To foster a high degree of independent thinking and innovation, we have enabled an environment of wide spread experimentation. In order to bring varied experiences and approaches to the experimentation process the core team has been strategically selected from appropriately diverse backgrounds. Every team member is encouraged to be out-of-the-box minded and test out the most radical of ideas and concepts. We regard the ‘freedom to fail’ as a core pivot of the learning process and maximization of individual –and therefore organizational – potential. 

Leveraging Intellect

In 2013, the firm initiated the Modelling Associate Program (MAP). The program invites eminent scholars and academicians from premier Indian institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Chennai, ISI Calcutta, IIM Bangalore to collaborate and develop trading algorithms which are then deployed in the market. MAP has created a highly enriched knowledge pool, which not only provides an exciting opportunity for our people to exponentially enhance their learning, but also provides a platform for the academicians to test their knowledge in a live and real environment.

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