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Internship Details

About Internship:

Job Description:
We're seeking a dynamic iOS mobile application developer who thinks outside the box and can push the
limits at times and who’s passionate about mobile apps platforms.
You will be involved in every step of the development process, from brainstorming product ideas, to
pushing out the door.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Skills Needed
Significant real-world experience in mobile iOS Application Development.
Experience working with existing app code and refactoring to awesome-ness.
An understanding of REST and JSON, and knowledge of how to utilize REST on an iOS client.
Past experience with automated testing of your code.
Some degree of User Experience ability - we have designers on staff, but want you to have a
vision on how to make the best iOS apps that we can.
Experience implementing useful caching, scaling, and performance improvements on iOS.
An attitude, an ability and willingness to work to diagnose and fix problems.
Experience with git repositories (such as GitHub or Bitbucket) as a version control tool.
Working knowledge of the basics of agile (backlogs, estimation and progress updates).
What Would Be Awesome To Have:
Contacts in the iOS development community, so that you’re up on the latest best practices and
Some working knowledge of Android development (so you can discuss concepts with our
Android developers).
Experience developing with other developers that are remote (e.g. through open source
contributions, a former remote position, etc).
A strong vision for what you think good iOS apps can be, coupled with a willingness to work with
product, sales and marketing teams to understand their needs.
Bonus Points:
You exhibit impressive UI/UX skills.
You like poking around at private iOS APIs.
You've created jailbreak apps before.
You're familiar with "hybrid" apps (web views wrapped around a native app).


A strong belief in life/work balance.
100% support from us in helping you grow your skills and mastering your craft!
It doesn’t matter where you went to school, or if you even graduated. It doesn’t matter if this is
your first job or your fifth. Doing great work and being driven to improve yourself and
everything you touch is what matters to us at Connexun!

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Jul `19


Expenses Covered

About Company

Connexun srl is a Innovative start up based in Milan, Italy with an office also in Faridabad, Delhi NCR . Connexun is a #Geolocation #Mobile #App (available #appstore and #playstore)for digital cosmopolitans that connects diaspora and international travellers with their country of #ORIGIN and culturalists with country of #INTEREST. 

Aims to address the inefficiencies and lack of focus towards services to #underserved and #unserved target communities.

B.I.R.B.AL (Brilliant Information Research Big Data ALgorithm) is our #ArtificialIntelligent #engine that uses probabilistic models and semantic analysis to discover relevant international contents between 240 countries in 36 languages

Visit Our Website  https://www.connexun.com/

Connexun App (available #appstore and #playstore)

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