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Internship Details

About Internship:

DoorHelper provides door repair and installation services in Toronto and the GTA. We have been operating since 2011 and have earned the trust of our customers. We are now looking for a Wordpress developer to take over the development of our website.

We expect:

- Experience in frontend development, cross-browser layout;
- Excellent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3;
- Experience with Javascript, understanding of algorithmic principles;
- Experience with CMS Wordpress;
- Attention;
- Knowledge of the principles of the Internet, websites, services, CMS.

Roles and Responsibilities:

- Engage in the development of sites and templates for CMS Wordpress;
- Provide support for existing projects of the company;
- Be part of a small team, to participate in team project development;
- Be part of the company, to follow its rules and internal regulations.


- Competitive salary based on interview results;
- Full-time work, timely payment of wages;
- possibility of working remotely.

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 31st Jul `21


Rs. 1000-1000

About Company

DoorHelper specialists will professionally install, as well as repair locks and doors of all types. Craftsmen are highly qualified and have accumulated vast experience, so they provide comprehensive services for the maintenance of locking systems of all designs, including the latest models. We have been working on Toronto and GTA since 2011.

We offer repair services for metal doors, aluminum doors, wood doors and metal doors. We work with all types of profile systems. We provide a guarantee for the work.

Types of services provided:

- Repair-adjustment of plastic, aluminum entrance and balcony doors;
- Reinstallation of doors;
- Removing misalignments;
- Installation, repair of locks;
- Installation, replacement handles;
- Replacing, adjusting the hinges, door closers;
- And other services

Serving all Toronto neighbourhoods and the GTA

Adjustment of door hardware

If you are faced with poor-quality installation of your door, if it closes loosely and with difficulty, and latches do not immediately fall into receiving holes, then you urgently need door adjustment. Adjustment, made by specialists in our company does not make you spend a lot of money, because we have the lowest prices and adjustments are made professionally and quickly masters of their craft! If the doors are still under warranty, it is best to immediately contact the company that installed them. Some people try to do it on their own. And someone does not pay attention to this, and postpones the repair of metal doors until better times.

If the adjustment of the door is postponed...

A quality-made and perfectly installed door has the correct load distribution, so it closes and opens without difficulty, providing a good seal. But when it doesn't work properly, the load isn't evenly distributed, causing an accelerated breakdown because the doors have quite a lot of weight. You need an adjustment. Call our company today! Door construction parts fail one by one and often the cost of repair increases. One day the lock can jam and you simply won't get into your apartment. To make sure your door will last for years to come, contact our company and we will always be there for you! We can make adjustments to your door quickly and inexpensively!

Who to trust with the repair of metal doors

Door adjustment and door repair regardless of the complexity is a job that requires a certain skill. To do it quickly and accurately, you need first of all, well know the structure and operation of each movable unit doors, taking into account its design, fittings, materials, manufacturing technology, and in general, before you start work, it is desirable to check whether it is properly installed. Adjustment of your door is made by our specialists at any time convenient for you! We work without weekends and breaks! You can see our price on the site and make sure that the adjustment is not expensive!

Reasons for poor door operation can be long-term (or improper) use, the impact of negative climatic factors, or the failure of the seal or poor-quality hardware. But, whatever the reason, we confidently guarantee adjustment and repair of metal doors - balcony, transom and regular entrance doors, as well as entrance groups. We also offer a full range of door services: repairs and adjustments. Adjustments are made at the lowest prices in town! If necessary, we will change, seal, locks or double glazing doors, as well as increase their safety. Adjustment will always save your door from such an unwanted breakage, and therefore from unnecessary costs! Call! Adjustment will be done quickly and efficiently!


DoorHelper consists of a team of professionals and we want to find a professional to develop and enhance our website. There is a lot of work to be done and we need a specialist who knows Wordpress. We hope that on Letsintern we will find the right person for our tasks. We heard that you can find excellent progrmists in India who would like to get relevant experience in an overseas company. We would be happy to provide such an opportunity to anyone who is interested.

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