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Internship Details

About Internship:

Why work with MCB:
Working at MCB can bolster your profile while providing you with valuable opportunities to learn and develop diverse skill sets. Here’s what you get working at MCB:
Learning – Internship profiles at MCB are not narrow and rigidly defined. They are broad and flexible, giving Interns an opportunity to gain experience across the business value chain and functions. The collaborative team environment and fast-paced work-streams combine to give a valuable learning experience that stays with you long after you have left the organisation
Meaningful work experience – You have an opportunity to create real impact with your work here. The experience you gain at MCB is one that will add massive value to your professional profile, giving you something substantive to talk about in professional and academic interviews.
Community – There is a very strong sense of community in the organisation. You will have an opportunity to make friends with individuals across the world. We have groups for everything from Career Development to Game of Thrones. MCB has an extremely lively, active and friendly community where you will make friends as well as grow your network. Our Career Development Group is legendary for the kind of benefits it has provided to members. From referrals to top companies to career resources such as advice on building CVs to connecting with friends doing courses in global universities - the community is perhaps the best part of working at MCB.
Mentorship – The senior team members at MCB are always willing and available to mentor Interns and help them develop their skills and profile. MCB believes in helping the Interns succeed in their endeavors beyond the organisation as well, by providing advice, helping with skills and training and providing access to useful business and social networks
Leadership – MCB provides unique opportunities to gain leadership experience in your area of specialisation. Leading a team of between 3 to 30 individuals will enable you to grow as a leader and get a steep learning curve early on in your career.
Network – MCB network is extensive. You will get to work with Interns in the current team – spread all over the world. MCB offered you unrivalled opportunities to create and grow your professional network.
Work environment – As a startup that operates digitally, MCB believes in providing flexibility to you to enable you to balance your academic and professional commitments with the work you do at MCB. You will find the environment here young, friendly and merit driven

Certificates & Recommendations
MCB provides a Certificate of Experience to all individuals that have completed the minimum tenure of their positions. The minimum tenure is 6 months for the Strategic Initiatives program.
MCB also provides detailed recommendations to all high performing individuals that have completed 6 months in the organisation.
Individuals from across the world regardless of age, nationality and educational criteria are welcome to apply. We encourage all individuals to apply.

All positions are digital in nature. Therefore, you can work from any location.

MCB is largely a volunteer driven organisation. All positions at MCB are pro-bono (unpaid).
Internship Roles:
Interns at MCB are exposed to all the fields starting from Product development to marketing.
We’ll help you find out your true passion!!

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.”

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.Create Front End wireframes.
2.Execute Wireframes.
3.Deploy iterations on google cloud.(Must have cloud knowledge)


1.LOR(Letter of Recommendation)
2.Free Virtual Training+Certificate

No. of Positions


Application Deadline

Apply by: 30th May `19


Rs. 0

About Company

MCB(Mycollegebuddy) is an Non Profitable Small And Concise initiative towards a giant vision of transforming the whole education system in india,Just with the providence of proper information, and guidance even to the remotest corner of the country, even to the most unprivileged student in the country, even to the most hopeless dreamer in the country, just with a small access to Internet.Mycollegebuddy is recognised by IIMC as top 3000 startups of 2018 in India.Mycollegebuddy is funded by istart(Govt. Of rajasthan) and incubated at Bhamashah Techno Hub (The biggest startup hub in the India with a seating capacity of more than 700 startups).

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