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Internship Details

Research ideas and facts pertinent to the type of content/topic assigned

• Develop ideas derived from online/offline research and organize the same on paper or computer applications

• Sort out workable ideas by a process of elimination and keep eliminated ideas stored for future reference

• Write fresh content based on research and brainstorming by following instructions provided for each type of document

• Develop engaging content for articles, blogs, stories and social media to entice and engage audien

No. of Positions


Skills Required

Application Deadline

Apply by: 14th Dec `16


Rs. 12000-15000

About Company

Stan Ventures has been in the information technology sector for seven years now. We started our business journey with a core expertise in digital marketing across various business domains. The IT, mobile and digital revolution gave us the energy to create a collaborative work culture and deliver excellent service. As we grew in value and numbers, we realized that we were deeply passionate about expanding as a team and setting up several physical work establishments around South India. Our values, vision and mission set us apart from every other organization. Our uniqueness as an organization revolved around recruiting people, giving them an environment to learn and adapt, making them walk through situations which make them understand their abilities and coming up with ideas and suggestions to hone their innate talents and skills. Stan Ventures is one big, happy family.

We have always tried to unfold the secrets of the universe and what it has in store for us. This gave way to understanding oneself and one’s strengths and abilities. We always looked for answers and the meaning that led to the very existence of this life. We profoundly understood our skills in travelling, negotiating, accounting, operations, market research and recruitment. Thus began our journey toward a life where mysteries and surprises are yet to unfold.

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