10 Companies That Offer Data Science Internships In India And How To...

10 Companies That Offer Data Science Internships In India And How To Apply To Them


Putting it straight, when it comes to internships in India, data science students feel somehow left out when they are looking for core internships in their subject of study. The opportunities might not be as vast as other fields of science, but in reality there are ample openings in companies that offer data science internships.

Moreover, with the revolution that has come up in the data industry, the opportunities are much more than it was ever before. It of course reasons to the fact that there is a plethora of complex digital data in the contemporary age and hence the need to deal with it.

But in spite of it being palpable, data science students still find themselves at lost while looking for meaningful internships. So, to help them through the process, here is a list of 10 companies that offer data science internships in India along with notes on how to apply to them



Companies that deal with data as their primary work makes the most suitable organizations to intern in. It not only helps students build a powerful resume but gives the best hand-on-experience of the subject. Said that what can be better than Google when it comes to data management?

Along with a few openings for internships in India, you can also apply for an internship at their foreign offices if you want to opt for an international internship. To get an internship in Google India, you can search various internship portals or directly send your intern resumes to the HR.



Amazon is one of the top companies where data science students can apply for internships and training. The position of Amazon in the digital world is something which needs no clarification and an internship with them can totally give a kick start to your career and learning experience.

Application for internships at Amazon is easy through the web by directly registering and applying through dependable internship search engines.


Hewett Packard

Data analyst and data scientist internships for freshers at HP require you to be from the discipline of data analytics, computer science, or information technology. An adequate knowledge of various computer languages, engineering principles and methodologies, data and artificial intelligence services, and other basics is required to get through the screening process.

You can apply by getting in touch with the HR or contacting the placement cell at your college or university to call the company for on-campus recruitment of interns. HP is now open for their summer intern recruitment drive, hurry now to apply!

Tip: HP prefers candidates with communication and presentation skills. AMCATs myEnglish is a great tool to polish your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

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Nokia offers internships that are focused more on statistical analysis of data for research purposes. Currently, the company is keen on introducing 5G in India and the on-going research projects are aligned to the same goal. So, if data analysis is your niche or your want to earn some valued experience from a big company, Nokia is the answer.

There are a number of Nokia offices in India, but data scientist interns are mostly required at the Gurgaon/Gurugram centre. You can submit an application online through various portals or get in touch with the HR for applying directly.



IBM offers a 12-week internship program not only for freshers but for people who wish to redirect their career or had been away from the field for some time. The program enables the interns to gain knowledge and expertise by working with the expert teams of on-going projects.

IBM also offers placement offers at the end of internship for deserving candidates. The internship is paid as well. So, either way, it’s a win-win offer for students!



World’s largest aerospace company now offers Internships in India for data science students. As an intern engineer at BOEING, you have to work with the team to develop, maintain, test, and improve utilities. Experience with development tools and computer languages are a must along with basic theoretical knowledge in computer engineering.

Though it is difficult to get a job at BOEING as foreign candidates also apply and the competition amplifies but for internships it is easier as the company doesn’t provide immigration facility and prefers locals for their organization in India.

Being a problem-solver absolutely attracts recruiters, checkout here to know how to be one!



A rapidly growing enterprise in India, the entire model of Uber is based on data science. Therefore, if data science students intend to get into a core company for their summer internship, it’s a great opportunity to go for!

The job as an intern at Uber involves deriving insights from data and utilizing it to grow the overall funnel of drivers and riders. Experimentation and innovation is something they are open to. Even though the internship is unpaid, the kind of know-how it offers is surely one to give it a call!



Intel hires interns to assist their research scientists. As the interns work one-on-one with experts, the learning experience gets unique and helpful. Such internships for freshers enhance their capabilities as a data scientist and provide good hand-holding in managing individual projects in the future.

The organization is to be contacted directly to apply for internships in data science.



Yahoo, one of the most popular search engines, is totally investing to reach a new zenith. The work of a data scientist or intern at Yahoo typically involves analyzing customer/visitor information to provide better services to them. For interns, it’s one of the leading industrial research labs where you learn the basics of all things data.

Yahoo also looks at these internships as an opportunity to shortlist talents to work with them as full-time employees.



At ITC, data science students are offered a paid internship and they are responsible for maintenance and management of B2B lead related data, customer order data, and order management. Being a different industry, it offers a variant experience for students.

Students can apply directly from their company website.




Internships work as a great platform to build your professional career post your graduation. It helps you big to prepare well for your first job as a fresher, and expose you to the corporate life.

As data science students, getting into a big company shouldn’t be your only goal. Instead, look out for opportunities where you can be trained professionally. Internships need not to be showy, the most essential facet is to learn skills and prepare yourself for your career ahead!