10 Companies That Offer the Best Paid Internships in India

10 Companies That Offer the Best Paid Internships in India


paid internships in IndiaHow does one get expertise if nobody can rent you as a result of their longing for somebody with experience? The solution to this vicious circle: internships. Doing paid internships in India, will not only get you all of the cultural perks but at the same time reaping the skilled edges of doing an internship.

Here are some of the reasons that show why doing an internship is the simplest thing to initiate your career.

  • You gain valuable business information
  • You get your foot in the door at a corporation in your field
  • You will be able to develop your skilled skill.
  • You’ve got one thing to indicate a possible leader next time you’re in associate degree interview.
  • You will be recruited to figure full-time.
  • You’ll grow your network of skilled contacts.
  • Your confidence in skilled environments can improve.
  • It’s a low-commitment thanks to checking out employment and career path

Many internships are paid. It is an excellent option to gain experience while learning. So, if you are convinced enough to do an internship, let’s have a look at the top companies that provide paid internships in India.

1. American Express

If you know credit cards, then you know American Express. In the past few years, American Express is considered among one of the best places to work. They also provide paid internships for freshers which is a part of the WINGS program with a stipend of INR 60000.


2. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche is a German bank and also financial service company that is widely known all around the globe. In India, it has branches in more than 16 cities. They conduct paid internships in India with a lucrative stipend.


3. Britannia

One of the leading food corporations is now offering paid internships in India. Working for one of the leading confectionaries in India will not only give your carrier a boost but also if you perform well during your internship period, you might get a pre-placement offer.


4. Directi

The first ever ICANN accredited IT company in India. It offers one of the best internships for freshers in India. They also offer a handsome stipend to the interns.


5. PayPal

If you are familiar with the online transaction, then you have just come across the largest online payment company for sure. You can do your internship from the largest online transaction company with a high stipend amount of up to INR 50000.


6. ITC

If you are looking for a paid Internship in Kolkata, then ITC is one of the best choices that you can have. With an annual turnover of $8.31 B as of 2012-13, ITC is one of the best to do your Internship.


7. Arista

A worldwide computer networking company, Arista is now one of the best places to complete your internship. There, you can learn about networking vastly while working with them. They are a top choice for computer geeks.


8. Cadbury

One of the leading confectioneries manufactures in India and second in the world, Cadbury is one of the best places to do your Internship. With a stipend amount of around INR 40000, they offer a ten weeks Internship, and you can even get a pre-placement offer depending on your capability.


9. Microsoft

Microsoft is a dream place to work for every computer geeks. It gives a boost to your carrier and offers a handsome stipend amount of INR 40000. Moreover, you can even get pre-placement at the end of your Internship.


10. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs is one of the largest banking sectors in the world. The banking mammoth now offers paid internships in India with a stipend amount of upto INR 37000.

Internships are one of the best ways to boost your career. It can help you to earn experience in the relevant field of your study before even completing your degree. Moreover, the practical experience will help you to decide your future appropriately.