10 Helpful Paid Internships for Management Students

10 Helpful Paid Internships for Management Students


Paid Internships

At higher level course structure, students prefer to get paid internships for reasons more than one.

Not only does it help them financially to cover their own expenses but logically speaking, they pretty much contribute to the company they are interning with, in their course of the internship.

Particularly for management students, it is almost real work which includes marketing products, enhancing sales, business development etc.

So, it is just fair that they deserve a paid internship. But still, there aren’t many opportunities where it is considered on a fair scale.

All said, how to get a deal which is great both experience and stipend wise?

We have something for you to lend a hand here. Here’s a well-researched list of 10 helpful paid internships for management students which you can consider applying for:


  1. Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard offers a unique opportunity to college students to be a part of HP business and processes.

Yes, HP is providing paid internships for management students as internal auditors who can help improve business processes within the company.

Though unfortunately, applications for summer internships are almost closed, you can still consider winter internships which are open for applications now!

The stipend for interns goes up to 23,000 INR for Indian students.


  1. American Express

American Express is known for its tailor-made and highest paid internships for management students. The internships are offered under their WINGS Internships Program. You can fill out the resume and application online on their website.

The further selection criterion is based on an online test or group discussion followed by an interview for final selection.


  1. Kotak Mahindra

The Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Co. Ltd. has several openings for summer and winter internships in the field of finance, marketing, management, and team development.

Though the internships are paid, the payout is based on performance. The average earning varies from 10,000 to 20,000 INR.

To be clearer, the payout is based on sales, varying from 15% to 30% per sale.


  1. Amazon

Amazon India also offers internships to management students but the selection procedure is no child’s play.

The interview process at Amazon is known to be very tricky and arduous. But if you are worth it and are ready to take up the challenge, it can be a career-building internship in the real sense.

Not only does Amazon offer a lucrative stipend to their interns, but there are many senior executives in Amazon who started off as interns, if you know what we mean!


  1. Jabong.com

The online giant Jabong.com is now open for their winter internships 2018 applications.

The internship is focused on business operations and therefore calls in for various skills and qualities in their interns including creativity, decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, etc.

To know more about intern-worthy skills, check out this brief write-up on 8 Must-Have Skills For Your Intern Resume.


  1. Urban Clap

Even though not a very big name yet, Urban Clap has made a mark in the market as an innovative start-up.

In fact, start-ups provide very good opportunity to work in various departments within the same internship duration but very few of them offer paid internships to MBA students.

Urban Clap is one such company. Various business development internships are available at Urban Clap’s Delhi office.

They are willing to offer about 6000-8000 INR for management interns.


  1. Reliance India Limited

If you are looking for internships in India, you should definitely keep a check on Reliance openings as they have a diverse area of functioning and hence offer internships in various fields.

Being a business-oriented company, the company takes in business interns every year mainly for marketing and branding.

Right now, Reliance Jio internships are available for MBA students with a stipend varying from 10000 to 20000 depending on the profile.

You can visit Reliance Jio career portal to apply directly for the internships. As an alternative, you can contact the HR or get in touch with your college for on-campus internship placements.

Referrals also work to a great extent at Reliance.


  1. Earnest & Young

As has been officially rebranded, EY is a dream company to enter for any finance student.

MBA students target the firm for a kick start to their career. EY offers internship programs in India and provides interns with real projects to work on, helping them immensely to learn their profession.

Moreover, if you do well during your internship period, the company provides you an opportunity to be a part of the annual three-day International Intern Leadership Conference which takes place every year at Disney Land in Orlando, Florida.

Doesn’t that make it all the more worthy? You can apply to the company through various internship search engines or by contacting the HR directly.


  1. NeoStencil.com

Not a much sought of a brand name yet (being a start-up), but the internship at NeoStencil is as innovative as its business functions.

The internships focus on business sales but is a remote paid internship which provides you an opportunity to earn anywhere ranging from 2000 to 30000 without having to work from office.

Basically, they are looking for campus ambassadors or business development executives with networking skills.

They are also open to offering permanent positions if your work as an intern is satisfactory. You can apply to them directly through LetsIntern.


  1. Crowd Product

Crowd Product is an inventive solution for event organizers and sponsors to help them engage with the crowd.

The company is looking for interns in marketing and sales to increase the market for their developed product.

Based on your performance (client-based), the company is willing to pay you up to 30000 INR for the internship.

Talking about management internships, there are abundant of them but there is still a dearth of paid internships in India. Therefore, the key to getting one is to sharpen up your intern-worthy skills and constantly be on the lookout as these opportunities fill up fast! So, did you grab your summer internship yet?