8 Things you should do before you quit your job!

8 Things you should do before you quit your job!


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Take some time by yourself to figure out if this is exactly what you want. You are at the job you are at at the moment because at some point in your professional career you believed this job to be a good decision.

There could be a number of reasons behind your quitting your job, family responsibilities, work load, intern personal professional relations etc. Figure out if this is the only option you have left and only then take the call of handing over your resignation papers.

2. Notice:
It isn’t the best call to wake up one day and hand in the resignation letter, unless you are being harassed, in which case its understood. If this isn’t the situation then hand over your notice as per the company policy.

A minimum of two weeks notice is considered ideal.

3. Organise your finances:
You need to understand that it will be difficult for you to finance yourself or take a loan. It is very difficult to get a loan approval when you are unemployed.

4. Use your benefits:
Each company gives its employees a certain set of benefits, for instance medical, leaves etc. Try and make the most of them. It is still a part of your deal.

4. Do not act out:
It is important you don’t quit your job and create negativity. You might be quitting due to professional issues however talking ill about your colleagues, boss or the company. It is always recommended to end things on a positive note before you leave.

5. Begin the small packing:
Do not leave everything for “the” day. Start packing some of the small things that are lying around in your office. Do not overdo it. just start taking care of the nitty gritty like clearing out your drawers.

6. Exit Interview:
Ensure you take an appointment with your boss for an exit interview. Here explain your stance and why you are resigning. Do not offer intricate details of the reasons of your resignation but give them and idea.

7. Update your credentials:
The transaction period is going to be one that is very hectic and might take your mind off a few important things. So keep updating your credentials as and when you can.

8. Plan a vacation:
Before you take to your new job, ensure you take a vacation. Take some time off from everything get things in place for yourself before you start working elsewhere.




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