10 websites for when you’re looking to try out something new on...

10 websites for when you’re looking to try out something new on the internet!


1. Deslide provides an easy solution to  click-baity websites that have a slideshow, with every slide on a different page by letting you see the entire slideshow all at once. Just enter the URL of the article, and get reading.

2. Overtype is a typewriter simulator that faithfully re-creates a manual typewriter experience, eschewing all modern computer conveniences like easy deletion and editing, add providing authentic features such as overtyping, wobbly and uneven inked characters, and only being able to press one key at the time. Have fun!

3. Paletton lets you pick an attractive color scheme for your website, by telling you what other colors go well with the color of your choice. The color wheel on here shows you different hues, shades, contrasts, blends, brightness, ISO, white levels and more, for every color.

4. URLify is on a mission to make your URLs look shady. Yep, you heard that. According to their website,”Far too often in this day and age URLs describe accurately to the user their destination. Our mission at URLify is to change that fact. We take simple, ordinary URLs, and we make them great. Very great.”

For example: If you try to shorten www.facebook.com, you will get http://6h2.xyz/ku-klux_trmp_crippled-children_brck_isis-dark-net_tr0jan in return.

5. CanIFlyKite tells you if there is enough wind in and around your location, to fly a kite.

6. PatGraph is a tool designed to help patent lawyers, entreprenuers, and other IP enthusiasts better find patents in the topic they’re interested in. By drawing segments of the patent citation graph it’s possible to more directly find similar patents, rather than using simple text queries. When you’ve found a query you’re interested in, order a Fast Patent Survey to get pdfs of all of the patents you want to read compiled for easy printing and review!

7. Crowdsound is running a an experiment in crowd-sourced songwriting, where a melody is currently being generated, note by note, in real-time, using the popular vote of the crowd. This melody will eventually become a song, performed by artists.

8. Tonecraft lets you build your own song and audio experiments in a 3D interface.

9. myscriptfont enables you to use your own handwriting like every other font installed on your computer, letting you  give your digital produced documents a personal touch again.

10. Terrapattern is a visual search tool for satellite imagery. The project provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual features.




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