10 websites that you go waste time on right now!

10 websites that you go waste time on right now!


.1. Judgey:
Ever hear the famous saying – never judge a book by its cover? Well, at Judgey, you are encouraged to do so. This website works on two simple rules. One, you are shown a series of book covers, looking at which you rate the content of the book (So, you’re very literally judging a book!). Two, your accuracy on rating the book by its cover, is then judged by the website. Try it out!

2. RandomStreetView.com
Ever wondered what a normal street in Dubai looks like? Or Iceland? Fancy a view of Itlay, maybe? Well, this website drops you at a random street on the location of your choice. Go explore!

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3. Geoguessr:
If you loved #2, then this is just taking it to the next level. This website not only drops you at a random street at an arbitrary location, but also leaves you with an exciting game – where you have to find out the name of the place where you are dropped, using visual clues like signs, shops, restaurant names, and more. Sounds exciting, right?

4. Line Of Sight:
A satellite observer map where you can track down satellites orbiting the earth. Pick any location in the world and find out if there are any satellites right above the location you entered.

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5. Zooniverse:
Ever wanted to discover your own asteroid? Help scientists identify rare animals in the Savannah? Discover a previously unknown planet orbiting another star? Here’s the websitethat you’ve been looking for, all your life. Pick a project, and get to work. FOE SCIENCE!

take-a-five6. Takeafive:
In case you’re supposed to be working on something right now, and have plans to stop procrastinating – here’s your solution. This little wonder of a website gives you a self-destructing tab which you can use to indulge in wasting time for a designated time. Once the time’s up, the tab closes by itself, forcing you to go back to what you’re supposed to be doing.

7. Typatone:
Where every text has a sound – yes, that’s exactly what this website does, so..type away, lads!

8. Your life on Earth:
Find out what the world has gone through since you were born. Simply enter your birth details and you are presented with interesting information like – creatures that have been discovered since then, number of solar eclipses that have been experienced by the planet, tectonic plate movement in your lifetime, and more. Channel your inner nerds, y’all!

9. Volcano Discovery:
Find out which of the volcanoes are erupting at the moment, their location, earthquakes that have occurred near the location of the volcanoes, and generally more information about volcanoes everywhere, complete with pictures.

10. KuKu Cube:
Test your perception of colors, by singling out the odd cube out of a set of cubes.

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