11 things you should know about Tina Dabi, the 22-year old UPSC...

11 things you should know about Tina Dabi, the 22-year old UPSC 2015 topper.


340562E000000578-3583602-image-a-1_1462916434252“I did expect I would make it to the list because my exams went well, but number 1 – that’s something that I would call the stuff of dreams.”

Tina Dabi is the talk of the country for having topped the Union Public Service Commission exam. The cherry on the cake is that this was her first attempt at the exam.

The 22 year old is an alumnus of Lady Shri Ram College, ranked second in the county for commerce, graduated in Political Science. Prior to this she completed her schooling from Jesus and Mary convent opting for Humanities.

Here are some things you didn’t know about this young achiever-

1. Hailing from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Tine moved to Delhi with her family when he was in Class 7. At present, her father works at the Department of Telecom, her mother is an Engineer, and she also has a younger sister who completed her schooling this year.

2. She not only topper the UPSC exam but has been an over achiever in everything she has taken to. She was the topper of her CBSE 12th exam and graduated top of her class at Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, where she studied political science, which was also the optional subject of her exam. Not to mention, this was her first attempt at cracking UPSC.

3. She has always been recognized as a top notch orator since her school days, with keen interest in Indian politics and Constituition of India. Tina was the Vice Speaker at the 2012 event – Youth Parliament.

4. While listing her preference of service the order was as follows. IAS ( Indian Administrative Services) > IPS (Indian Police Services) > IRS;IT ( Indian Revenue Services, Income Tax)  > IRS;CE ( Indian Revenue Services, Customs and Central Excise)

5. The cadre opted by Dabi is Haryana. When asked why, she stated “The state of Haryana is always known from its patriarchal mindset and the gender inequality. It has always disturbed me. I belong to a modern and progressive family so there is no space for gender inequality at least in my life. I want to change the orthodox tag from the state Haryana and I would feel great if I make any positive changes in the state.”

6. Her extra curricular achievements include:

  • University gold medal-political science.
  • University topper-academic year.
  • Best all round student award.

7. Her hobbies include painting (Madhubani art), travelling, playing, singing, basketball, playing guitar, photography and reading Jane Austen.

8. On being asked about how she came to take the exam, she accepted that her parents only made her realize the importance of being a civil servant. Seeing all the requisite qualities of a bureaucrat in her, her parents motivated her to prepare for IAS exam when she was in school only. She had opted for humanities in her plus two, CBSE board.

9. The key to her success, according to her is,”Patience”. “Sometimes there comes a time when you feel lonely and depressed because this is such a difficult exam and a long process. Other parts of your life become almost non-existent, so patience I think is also key,” she said.

10. She studied for 8 to 10 hours a day and gives the credit for her success to “strategy and planning”, placing emphasis on “having a schedule, weekly targets, and being disciplined and focused”.

11. The youngster gives most of the credit for her results to her mother, stating, “I’ve never seen anyone give up so much, make so many sacrifices, to fulfill my dreams. She is my role model. I’ve never seen anyone more humble, honest, sincere or hard working.

There are a number of people congratulating her o, including some prominent personalities such as Narendra Modi,  Arvind Kejriwal, Udit Raj (Northwest Delhi MP and Dalit leader)




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