15 Career options for Writers

15 Career options for Writers

Planning a career in writing? Check out 15 successful jobs you can go for as a writer.


Jbs for people who love to writeSo, you love to write, but confused whether building a career in writing really a feasible option? If you have a deep-rooted love for words, talent plus a firm determination, then the answer is yes.

If you’re willing to venture into the field of pen and paper, check out the umpteen number of career options we have for you. Read on. 🙂

Acquisition Editor

As an acquisition editor, it is required of you to constantly be in search of new authors who could be published under the esteemed name of the Publication House you’d work for, and make sure to prepare them for a presentation in front of the editorial board. You are most likely put in charge of negotiating terms of contract and payment with these potential authors as well.

Copy Editor

Copy editors are generally referred to as fact checkers, as they are responsible for going through the material that is to be published, proof-reading, correcting any factually wrong information, sentence restructuring, fixing syntax and semantic errors, ultimately making the final draft better than the first one.

Copy Writer

Often associated with the fast paced field of advertising, a copy writer is responsible for writing interesting and catchy product descriptions, formatting the online and print catalogs, brochures, relevant mails, commercial script and more.


Critics happen to be of quite a variety, and their responsibility apart from being extremely knowledgeable about the category they are writing about- includes penning down their honest opinion about the product or service they are reviewing.


Although it is pretty evident by the name, a journalist is a collector of information – interviews, facts, reports , which is then edited, proof-read, arranged into a readable format for the internet, television, newspapers, magazines etc. You may work at the edit desk if you find reporting stuff too exhausting.

Literary Agent

Literary Agent can be recognized as the opposite of an Acquisition Editor. A literary agent is employed by a writer to make sure that his/her best works make it into the hands of a decent publisher. As a literary agent, it will be your job to get the manuscript pushed onto right people for reading. You will be also responsible for making negotiations on behalf of the author.


What’s better than following the most obvious path in writing? An author uses his words carefully in a fiction or non-fiction format, to write a book.

Manuscript Reader

As the name suggests, a manuscript reader is that person in a publication house who is given the responsibility to go through every manuscript sent by the potential authors. They separate the mediocre from the best and submit it to the editor. So, basically, you get to read for a living. How cool is that?


The job of a publicist has become increasingly common and difficult to maintain given the social media boom. A publicist is responsible for portraying a required image of an individual, group of people or an organization to the masses. They are ones who decide what goes on social media, interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, television, lectures, concerning who they are managing. They also provide the option of paid advertising if the client and situation demands.

Script Writer

Mostly associated with Film and Television. Script writers can also be found in radio shows, plays, other public performances, and broadcasts.

Speech Writer

A very crucial, and yet less talked about job is that of a speech writer who is responsible for –you guessed it – writing speeches for other people. Their work is required to be immaculate, to the point, crisp, and appealing to an audience of a large number. Usually, politicians employ speechwriters.


You’re required to know at least two languages very fluently (speaking and writing) to start a job as a translator. You can work as personal translators or in the Print, Film and Television industry where you get to translate movies, shows, documentaries, articles.

Social Media Manager

For companies, it is very important to have an online presence for the success of their business, and hence they often tend to employ someone who is a tech-savvy – active on all the popular social media, to reach out to customers. You’d be asked to handle social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and more.

Email-Marketing Specialist

How many times do you subscribe to the latest offers, news, discounts, and trends from a well-known brand of your choice? Sometimes? Well, the e-mails you get as a result of that is something that is taken care of entirely by an Email Marketing Specialist. You will be responsible for creating everything from a subject line to the content and design of the customer communication, to ensure maximum reach.


Blogs have been around for a long time now and have evolved on a huge scale. Some people use these impeccably themed platforms to put their art on display, while some use it to document their daily life or things they are passionate about. You can be a food blogger, a make-up and beauty blogger, a fashion blogger, a travel blogger and pretty much everything else that appeals to you. The blog is your space to use and you want. Generally, popular bloggers are approached with free goodies to write about on their blogs, along with other means of advertising.

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Jobs for those who love to write

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