19 Types of Roommates we bet you have had

19 Types of Roommates we bet you have had

Which one have you lived with?


COLLEGE ROOMMATESAs a student at a four-year college, you will probably share a room with some pretty colourful characters. When teenagers are tossed into the chaos of living on their own for the first time, the floodgates of crazy open up, and some quirks begin to manifest themselves, and as the roommate, you’ll be on the front lines when the going gets tough. There are about a million different types of roommates you could end up with — but some are more common than others, and as you get ready to start a new college year, it’s important to know what you’re up against.

Of course, not all roommates are going to be bad — even the crazier characters can have wonderful qualities. When you’re moping in your pyjamas after a breakup or a fight with a friend, it can be really helpful to have an incorrigible wild child outside in a cab, meter running, telling you to get up and shake it off like Taylor Swift. The forced close living quarters provide an essential piece of the college experience. You learn right away that your initial impressions of people are going to be way off, and that your own personality might not read exactly the way you think it does.

You might live with someone who you think you share nothing in common with, and that person turns out to be your best friend. On the other hand, you might live with someone who you consider to be a friend, and that person ends up being a big, inconsiderate jerk. Seriously, roommate relationships can be as complicated as romantic ones.

Have you lived with any of these characters? If not, chances are you will before your college days are over.

An infographic by the team at RoomBuddies.

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