This Elon Musk resume proves that you just need one page to...

This Elon Musk resume proves that you just need one page to make an impression!


2534551796ee0a2638b462ce82e33b65091b1d42_1600x1200The most common resume writing advice that everyone around you has dished out at some point, is always, ‘Fit everything in one page.’ This is is something even hiring managers have time and again agreed with, as they spend not more than 6 seconds on a candidate’s resume, before deciding if they want to schedule an interview.

To drive the point home, a Denmark based company – Novorésumé, released a sample resume for Elon Musk last month, that consists all important details – work experience, skills, achievements, certifications, interests, languages, and career objectives, among other things – all neatly arranged in just one page.

elon musk's re'sume'
As you can see, the resume focuses on all the right things, is to-the point, and has a clean layout. It does lean more towards a creative resume, than a traditional one, but successfully manages to not over do it, and stands out just the right amount, without looking too crazy.

Now, now, if Elon Musk’s resume can fit in one page, so can yours, don’t you think?

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