20 Books Everyone Must Read in their 20s!

20 Books Everyone Must Read in their 20s!


Here is a list of books that everyone in their twentys must read not only for the fun of reading but also to evolve a better understanding of world unfolding around them in multifarious guises.

  1. What She Saw- Lucinda Rosenfeld: Exhilarating and refreshing, funny and insightful; this novel is definitely a roller coaster ride that you must experience in your twenty’s.

  1. The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath: 
    “If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”  This is a famous quotation from this novel. Written by the celebrated author Sylvia Plath, this novel is very insightful and intriguing to all those who are trying to find a sense of purpose in their 20s.
  1. The Namesake- Jhumpa Lahiri: A beautifully narrated novel that will make you wake up till 3 am in the morning. The poignantly described clashes of generation is what every person in his/her 20s must read.
  1. How the Steel was Tempered- Nikolai Ostrovsky: The journey worth taking by every person in his 20s because of its motivational and inspirational aura.

  1. Mother- Maxim Gorky: This landmark novel is about the pre-revolution proletariat of Russia, focusing on the role women played in the struggle of the Russian working class on the eve of 1905 revolution.
  1. Atlas Shrugged- Ayn Rand: Ayn Rand held that art is a “re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value judgments.” Ayn Rand wrote more for clarity of her own thoughts rather than for the sake of audience. Dealing with “individualism and collectivism within man’s soul”; it showed the nature and function of the creator and the second-hander.
  1. Godfather- Mario Puzo: First published in 1969 and full of thrilling events, this is surely to provide you one hell of a ride with its eventful happenings. A must read for everyone in their twentys to taste the darker side of the world.
  1. Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte: Full of liberty, independence and self- esteem; we find in this bildungsroman a story of a woman who subsequently develops from a chicklet to a hawk realizing her dreams and aspirations and fulfilling her goals in the journey of her life. An inspirational story for everyone in their 20s.
  1. Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte: A poignant tale of love and heartbreak is sure to leave an indelible imprint on your heart with its unfathomable charisma.
  1. The Young Guard- Alexander Fadeyev: The soviet class piece of literature that is sure to leave you buoyed with the undying spirit of young men and women fighting valiantly for their principles. A must read for people in their twentys to taste the spirit of life in its undaunted state.
  1. Sputnik Sweetheart- Haruki Murakami: An internationally best-selling novel, with the blend of romance, mystery, spirituality, everything mixed in one cauldron of this enigmatic novel.
  1. 1984- George Orwell: This dystopian novel that completely revolutionized the way of reading when it was published, still remains one of the masterpiece of literature.
  1. Tuesdays with Morrie- Mitch Albom: This spiritual and motivational work is a must read for every person going through the hazes of their 20s. A truly transforming journey is what this work gurantees!
  1. Gone with the Wind- Margaret Mitchell: A 1936 Pulitzer- winning epic historical romance novel that is sure to leave you buoyed with the audacious and outrageous spirit of Scarlett O’ Hara!
  1. The Great Gatsby- F Scott Fitzgerald: A must read for everyone in their twentys to understand life and people in variegated dimensions.
  1. A Farewell to Arms- Ernest Hemingway: A romantic plot with tragic ending, set during Italian campaign of World War 1, encapsulating the poignancy of life, romance and struggle to reveal the immaculate spirit of love.
  1. The Colour Purple- Alice Walker: An epistolary novel which won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award, is a must read for everyone in their 20s to achieve a better understanding of varied sexual orientations.
  2. The God of Small Things- Arundhati Roy: The audacious masterpiece which reveals the hypocrisy of religion and society in an outrageous manner! Every person in 20s need to experience this unexpected journey with the beautifully articulated language revealing the funny and hideous nature of things, poignantly at the same time.
  1. Hundred Years of Solitude- Gabriel Gracia Marcquez: The widely acclaimed novel that tells the multi-generational story is packed with incest of time, solitude, beauty of reality and magic. An essential diet for everyone suffering through up and down ride of 20s!
  1. To Kill a Mocking Bird- Harper Lee

Compassionate, dramatic, and deeply moving, To Kill a Mockingbird takes readers to the roots of human behaviour thus leaving an unfathomable chasm on their minds with its insightful approach. A must read for everyone in their 20s to achieve a better understanding of why everything is the way it is!

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