Meet the creator | 10 things you didn’t know about 2048!

Meet the creator | 10 things you didn’t know about 2048!


2048 was created by a 19-year-old Gabriele Cirulli, who is a Italian web developer, and graduated from highschool last year. That’s right! He hadn’t even enrolled himself into a proper professional university course at some hot-shot college, when the single player online game was born. In fact, 2048 was created as a weekend project that Gabriele took up to test his programming skills to see if he could create something from scratch.

2. 2048 received more that 4 million hits within a week of its launch, and soon became the talk of the town with  people all over the world, spending  hours trying to beat the addictive little puzzle game that stands out for it’s simplicity of design. According to a tweet Cirulli posted on March 17, just 6 days into the game, ‘Assuming the average 2048 game lasts 8 minutes, 521 years have already been spent playing the game.’

3. Despite the huge attention that 2048 has gotten Cirulli, including interview invitations from Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc, he wants to stay away from the lime-light and prefers anonymity. He was also featured in the prestigious Wall Street Journal, where he talked about developing 2048 and its rise to fame.

“Once I had finished developing it, I just released it on a small news site for designers, just looking for some interesting feedback. From there, it got posted on Hacker News and skyrocketed. It’s exciting, but also a bit stressful,” Cirulli told the Wall Street Journal.

4. Oh, you think you have the high-score on 2048? Well, here are some interesting numbers for you. The highest score ever to be recorded in 2048 is 73,000 points. It has been played over 51 million times, out of which only 530,000 have resulted in a win, which comes to around 1 percent of the total. Most people make it upto 4096 and 8192 points.

5. The creator has never been able to beat the game. Yes, no joke.
“I still haven’t managed it!”, he told Softonic in a interview, “ My record score is 16,000 points, in a game where I had enough to match two 64s to win, but I lost because I didn’t figure it out right away.”
Well, 16,000 sounds like a pretty impressive score now, doesn’t it?

6. The game is believed to be a rip-off of 1024 developed by Veewo Studio and Threes developed by Sirvo.
It is also very frequently compared to Flappy Bird, another online game that went viral earlier this year. ’

JayisGames, a website that reviews free online games, called 2048 much like Flappy Bird without the “but without the infuriating mindlessness.”

7. Gabriele Cirulli clarifies that the original game will always be free and that he does not intend to advertise on the 2048 website to make money off it. He does mention that he has made a few hundred bucks from player donations, though, and feels ‘extremely satisfies’ with it. He emphasizes that he did  not wish to make money from something he did not invent.

8.  Currently Cirulli does freelance work in web development and intends to focus on the may doors that his gaming endeavours  has opened for him.

“I have received a few important job offers in Italy and abroad. I am either going to pursue my own project, which will not be game related. I was never really in the game industry. It was almost an accident. I am more into the web services industry, so I’m going to move to work on my own project or accept a job offer,” Cirulli told CNBC.

9. 2048 is open source, that means anyone on the internet is free to use its source code to create similar apps, which has led to dozens of other versions of the game that have surfaced. So far, we found a Dofe version, a Doctor Who version, A tetris version and even a 3D version of 2048!
“I don’t think this genre needs competition,” he explains in an interview with Softonic,“That would only lead to market saturation. The original game is always available on Github, for free.”

10. Cirulli has mentioned countless times how he feels guilty, when people complain about spending their time on 2048, rather than catering to more important things in their life. So far, he has receives tweets from people who were fired, fought with their friends and broke up because the game was taking toll on their lives.

You can know more about him on his personal website and follow him on twitter.




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