3 Reasons why you should intern at Mphasis – a Bangalore based...

3 Reasons why you should intern at Mphasis – a Bangalore based IT company, owned by HP.




1. Opportunity to work on the latest technology:

It’s exciting times as the advancements in technology have transformed our lives in many ways. We live in a world where big data analytics is able to predict outcomes of the FIFA World Cup, home automation systems can be controlled over mobile phones, and drones might be used by e-commerce giants to deliver parcels. Leveraging Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC), Internet of Things and Automation systems has made this Digital Transformation a reality.

Given this background, Mphasis believes that innovation in these fields will add great value to their clients ― that range from Banking and Financial institutions to those in the retail space. Gaining two months of experience in innovative platforms in these core areas is an unparalleled opportunity, especially to someone who is just starting out. The internship will not only help interns build domain knowledge in all these areas, it will also shape their vision of building a career in these high priority areas for most firms in the world.

2. Opportunity to be mentored by senior leaders:

Career planning is a tough task, especially for youngsters who are just getting started. Mentorship is very important to college students to help them figure out this dilemma of choosing a career. “Mphasis Intern” lets ambitious and young full-time students to directly work under a senior leader in the organization. This is a great opportunity to not only work on the latest and greatest technology, it is also an opportunity to get distilled learning from senior leaders who have been part of the corporate world for close to 20 years.

This opportunity eludes a majority of young professionals mainly because it takes a lot of time and effort to prove oneself and to get noticed by senior leaders in the organization who are just one or two levels away from the C-Suite.

The following is the star-studded lineup of leaders, who will be participating in “Mphasis Intern”:

  • Sandeep Dutta: Sandeep, SVP and Head – Practices, has over 22 years’ experience in the Industry. Sandeep holds a Management Degree from IIFT. More details here.
  • Pavan Goyal: Pavan, SVP and Head – Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing, has over twenty years of experience IT and ITES sectors. Pavan holds a Management Degree from IMT Ghaziabad. More details here.
  • Jai Ganesh: Jai, Head Mphasis Next Labs, is a research and innovation leader with over fifteen years of experience with expertise in lab-to-market innovations. Jai holds a PHD in statistics from IIM, Bangalore. More details here.
  • Kumail Tyebjee: Kumail, Vice President and Global Business Head – Mobility & Digital, has 28+ years of experience in various roles from Management Consulting to Sales. Kumail holds an MBA from University of Illinois at Chicago. More details here.

3. An opportunity to land a Job in an area of your passion:

A tough reality in the world today is that most people don’t have a say in the job role or domain that they will work on. It therefore becomes increasingly difficult to land a job role in areas people are passionate about. However, “Mphasis Intern”, will not only let interns work on a high visibility project in the latest technology for a period of two months, but also give them a Job offer. Mphasis is confident that they will love the trial run of the job role during their summer Internship. Therefore, they are giving you an opportunity to continue the cool work in a full-time job opportunity.

By now you must be convinced that Mphasis Intern is the best Internship program for ambitious youngsters in India. So what are you waiting for?

Visit http://careers.mphasis.com/internship for more details on how to apply and the selection process. You can also apply for an internship in Mphasis on Letsintern. 




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