3 Recent Trends in Big Data – How will they affect your...

3 Recent Trends in Big Data – How will they affect your career in business?



Big Data is becoming a key skill area in many careers, most notably in business. It seems no matter what role you are in today, understanding how to get the information you need from large amounts of data is invaluable. Big data is essential in the business field, as accurate facts and figures are critical to making the best decisions. Now, with big data at our disposal, we can get this information faster and quicker than ever before. It’s no wonder that companies want to hire individuals who are able to work with big data. So what are the key skills you need to work with in regard to big data?

A Focus on Business Acumen:

A report by Deloitte about trends in analytics confirms that it is now more important to have people who understand and can gain insights from data. To obtain value from their data, companies need to ask smart questions. So, knowing how your business and your industry works is still paramount. The report also predicts that in the future third-party solutions will cover many of the most valuable database queries, making it easy for even those without statistical background to gain insights from large amounts of data.

Interpreting Visual Representations:

As the amount and type of data gets more complex and real time data becomes standard, the ability to quickly spot trends and observe patterns becomes essential. Business is no longer just about making the best decision, it’s now also about making the fastest decision. New and affordable tools have made the visualisation of big data affordable for most companies, so they now require people who can accurately and quickly interpret this information.

Data Science is Bringing Back the Human:

A combination of both business and data scientist skills will still be required for some business roles as unique insights will only be possible with more sophisticated programing techniques. Machine learning is a recent technological development that is needed to provide more accurate interpretation of complicated relationships between different data sets. Companies still need smart humans to imagine what factors make a difference to key performance metrics, and to offer interpretations of the human factors that affect business results. So, even if you are skilled in one of these complex programming languages, without the ability to interpret data you will not have a career in business. Of course, if you have both of these skills you will be one of the most highly sought after candidates and are likely to have a rewarding career.

There are now opportunities for a variety of people with different strengths to work with big data. There is no doubt that big data is now essential to business, and if helping to make a company competitive is what you want to do, then it is essential that you start to build your big data skillset.

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