5 Advantages of taking up a Part-Time MBA course!

5 Advantages of taking up a Part-Time MBA course!


graduation-caps-in-airPart – time MBA courses, also known as flex programs, are designed to help working professionals, with day jobs who cannot devote their time to a full-time course, by adding more skills, and qualifications to their already existing work profile, and increase their career opportunities + marketing value in the near future. A flexi program provides weight to the resume of a candidate who is looking for a job change, helps in getting promotions faster and opens door to more lucrative job options.

1. Changing Career Fields or Companies: 
A flexi program provides adds weight to the resume of a candidate who is looking for a job change, after a little work experience, and  helps them in getting promotions faster and landing a lucrative job. However, it is very common to have part – time students struggling to go through the task of preparing for interviews, while you’re juggling your degree and current job, especially if you are interested in finance and consulting. It needs time and lot of commitment to go through case studies, and hence, when preparing for interviews you might have to take some days off, to compete with regular full-time MBA students. At the same time, the work experience that you have, will most likely be of more importance, than that of regular candidates, when opting for a job, giving you an added advantage. 

2. Career Growth:
As a working professional, you should be aware of the latest trends that contribute to your employability, and any new skills that employers might be looking for in their prospective candidates. A part-time MBA program, lets you evaluate whether the career growth you are expecting is in accordance with the demand of the industry or not, and helps you develop the necessary skills, all the while you hold down a job.

3. Earning More Money:
There is a myth that part – time qualifications does not pay much. However, earning more than decent amount of money is possible given a part – time MBA experience. Remember, experience counts, and once you’re done with your part-time MBA program, both of these things will add up to end in your favor.

4. Exposure:
You are likely to pick up a lot of new things, related to your subject or otherwise, and have multiple chances to network with like-minded people who’ll keep you in just the right amount of competitive spirit, while you interact with them.  This will serve as an improvement in your career, as you will find yourself ready to take on new responsibilities, with access to a better remuneration.

5. Sense of Direction:
If you’re bored in your current job, a flexi program can come as a positive change in your professional life, where you can continue devoting a part of your time to something you’re interested in, while being financially secure. You can also figure out your calling, which you can pursue once you’re done with your part time degree.

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