5 Internships In Delhi You Should Most Definitely Apply For

5 Internships In Delhi You Should Most Definitely Apply For


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Delhi is a great place to kickstart your career, considering its proximity to corporate hubs like Gurgaon and Noida. With ample of opportunities in all major industries available in Delhi, you can easily shift jobs as per your career goals. It is, also, a good idea to do your internships in Delhi so that you can understand the pros and cons of working in Delhi.

The city, including the NCR, is a hub for headquarters of many MNCs, Government institutions and, more recently, start-ups.

So, if you have been planning to look for opportunities in this city, we give you the head start with these 5 interesting internships in Delhi –


1. Law Internship at Hari Global Advisory Services

Law is one of the top non-tech careers you can pursue in Delhi, as the city has the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, the Delhi District Courts, plus a host of tribunals.

In fact, since Delhi is the hub of Headquarters of most companies, their cases are also tried in the Delhi jurisdiction.

This is why you should pursue law internships in Delhi, and one of the best ones to start is this internship at Hari Global Advisory Services. It is suitable for those interested in a career in indirect taxation and arbitration.

You can be a 3rd or 4th year Law student from a recognized law college or university to apply.

Apply for this internship here


2. Content Editor at Ukti

Content internships in Delhi are booming, and you can easily find an internship based on your skill set. Content Industry itself has been growing over the past decade, and it is growing along with the digital marketing industry. Largely due to the constant requirement of quality content for everything online; from blogs to digital ads.

College internships are an ideal time to find your strengths and figure out if you are capable of making a career in content.

This content editor internship in Ukti is an excellent place to start. The agency is a leading content creator and works with multiple brands across India. You can learn and use the basics of content writing, editing, working with numerous content writers, team management and, client relationship in this internships.

Apply for this internship here



3. Sales Internship at Outlook Magazine

Sales internships are always among the top internships in Delhi and some of the easiest to find as well. A sales internship is critical because not everybody is made for sales, and you can quickly test if you have the skills or not during an internship.

This internship with Outlook Magazine is a fantastic opportunity because it is quite organized and allows you to run live projects. They have even mentioned the specific topics you will be working on.

Also, the industry is going through turmoil, and people are not buying as many physical subscriptions of magazines. This challenge can be taken head-on in this internship and will leave you with a lot of learning and insight.

Apply for this internship here


4. Marketing Internship at Southern Grand Hotels

Marketing internships are among the most in-demand internships in Delhi, especially digital marketing. This internship at Southern Grand Hotels combines two booming sectors – Food & hospitality and Digital marketing.

In this internship, you will manage the digital marketing platforms of their two restaurants in Delhi. You will handle social media platforms, engage with bloggers, contribute towards long-term and short-term marketing planning, budgeting and keep a track on analytics.

The restaurants run a lot of brand loyalty programs, and you will assess how these can be enhanced. And if you do well, this internship can also be converted into a full-time opportunity.

Apply for this internship here


5. Data Analyst at Crest Capital Advisors

Data Analytics college internships are the hottest internships in Delhi and really tough to get in with a good one! This internship at Crest Capital is a big step in the right direction if you are seeking a career in Data Analytics.

Today, a lot of data jobs are coming up, but there is a lack of candidates who possess the skills to do the job.

If you do certifications in data analytics and back it up with internship experience, then you will have a golden resume on your hands!

Plus, you will also know if you are cut out for a job in data analytics.

This internship will take you through the basics of Data Analytics and give you real-time data to work on and draw insights from.

Apply for this internship here



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