5 Internships In Mumbai To Try Your Luck With

5 Internships In Mumbai To Try Your Luck With


internships in Mumbai

The city of dreams, Mumbai is not only the reverie of someone aspiring to be an actor or a singer. The metropolitan location is also popular among job seekers from different fields as the business sector in the city is thriving pretty impressively.

Students and freshers can also look up for internships in Mumbai to add some stars to their resume.

So, if you are looking for college internships and would like to give the city a chance, here are 5 internships in Mumbai to try your luck with:


Different positions at Sacom Mediaworks

Sacom Mediaworks is a steady establishment which works to create, distribute, and monetize content in different languages. It produces and distributes content globally and also manages online platforms with huge viewer turnovers.

The company is taking in applications for internships in Mumbai for video editors, business executives, and content writers. The internships are well paid and are capable of opening up good opportunities for the future. Moreover, you can directly apply for the internships by registering at letsintern.com.


SEO strategist at BBlunt

BBlunt is a newly formed but rapidly growing company managing high-end salons and salon products. The organization is already doing great in its niche and is on its way to further business developments.

To enhance their presence on the web, the company is looking for SEO strategist to join as interns in their office. The offer is a good one given the possibilities it opens up for the candidates’ future job(s).


Marketing Executive at Rhythm Winery

If you are looking for marketing internships in Mumbai, it might be the best of opportunities to apply. The company is looking forward to hire interns for creating brand awareness and product availability of Rhythm winery.

The company is pioneer in India when it comes to manufacturing fruit wines. More importantly, the company is willing to extent the offer to a long term job/internship is the performance is up to the mark. The internship is paid and stipend is also good.


E-commerce executive at GoGreen Diamonds LLP

Within a short time of 3 years, GoGreen Diamonds has gained great accolades and has become one of the largest producers of lab grown diamonds. The company operates in the USA and Hong Kong.

Right now, the company is taking applications for interns who can work as e-commerce executives. The interns need to have analytical skills, photoshop, and English comprehension expertise to bag the internship.


Business Development Executive at Health nearby

Here’s another opportunity for business students for an internship in Mumbai.  Health nearby is a unique website of its kind (in India) which is dedicated to health and wellness bookings.

The company is looking for interns with strong interpersonal skills who can work well to achieve monthly targets and help in the company in increasing sales. The stipend is good and will cover most of your food and lodging expenses in Mumbai if you are traveling for the internship.



Doing internships and jobs in different cities are a learning experience in itself and internships in Mumbai bring so much more. The city isn’t just about struggles and somber experiences but is abundant with entertainment and tourism options.

So, give yourself the opportunity this time and apply for internships in Mumbai. Maybe here’s where you might get a ticket to your big professional break?