5 Paid Internships In Delhi You Should Definitely Apply For

5 Paid Internships In Delhi You Should Definitely Apply For



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Internships are a great way to find your career path, make an impressive resume and stay put on the road of success. And, when a good internship experience is accompanied by a good stipend, that is just the cherry on the cake needed to make your semesters better.

So, today we have compiled a list of five paid internships in Delhi you should definitely apply for.



Agent Advisor – IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co.

A joint venture of the IDBI Bank, Federal Bank, and Ageas Insurance International; IDBI Federal Life Insurance Co. can be a perfect place for someone looking to start their career as an Agent Advisor.

Exciting and enthralling, this internship requires you to acquire and build a strong relationship with customers and, handle as well as review their portfolio.

While client management lies at the core of this paid internship, you will also be expected to manage the sales of insurances. Of course, a basic knowledge of investment and insurance is required to make the most of this opportunity.

One of the top-notch paid internships in Delhi, this Agent Advisor internship also has numerous perks. The foremost is the stipend, which can vary from Rs 6000 – 12000.

Once you have completed the internship, you will receive an internship certificate as well as a letter of recommendation. This might be followed by a pre-placement offer.



Travel Agent – Voyagers Beat

Every traveler has a unique like or dislike, and Voyagers Beat holds on and celebrates that difference. It allows its customers to be different and is very careful about the number of gigs it takes up.

One of the most fun paid internships in Delhi, you need to have impeccable English Comprehension skills to fit right in this profile.

As a Travel Agent intern, you will have to convince people and ensure that their travel needs are fulfilled. Building a great repo with the customer can help you a lot here. Also, you will have to try and convert leads into sales.

With a crackling stipend of Rs 1000 – 10000, this Travel Agent internship seems to be packed with a lot of fun.

Also, you will get incentives on sales, an internship completion certificate and if your performance is good enough, then a permanent job offer.



Tinkering Internship – ShoeBox Labs

An openness to experiment is what ShoeBox Labs seeks for in its interns. While you might still be trying to figure out your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and what more you want to do with your career; ShoeBox Labs will help you understand things better.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness are the key qualities that ShoeBox wants in its employees apart from the ability to learn and adapt quickly to new ideas and things.

At ShoeBox Labs you will be expected to interact, understand and learn how to facilitate workshops and create a playful yet learning environment for children. Apart from managing social media, you will also have to design and fabricate models of theatres, Automatons, Scribbling Robots, etc.

If you are not scared to get your hand dirty and be creative, then you will thrive in this internship opportunity. And, a great stipend of Rs 10000 – 25000 can also assist you in enjoying the best of one of the most unique paid internships in Delhi.



Sales and Marketing Executive – Outlook Magazine

If you have a thing about understanding business and the nitty-gritty of e-commerce, then this internship with Outlook Magazine will serve you well. One of the most exciting paid internships in Delhi, you will also learn how to develop and maintain a positive working relationship.

As an intern, you will get to work with the core Sales and Marketing team, track, analyze and optimize sales and work anew on your marketing efforts to drive in traffic.

The many perks of this internship include an internship certificate, letter of appreciation and a stipend of Rs 5000 – 10000.



Content Writing – Omorfee

An emerging Indo-German luxury personal care brand, Omorfee has upped the market for natural and organic products. With its eyes set on moving beyond the concept of Ayurveda, Omorfee looks at making personal care an effective and safe with purely natural products.

To expand its market, Omorfee is seeking writers with brilliant communication and English comprehension skills.

As an intern with Omorfee, you will be expected to come up with interesting topics relevant to the brand. Also, you will get an opportunity to understand the needs and the wants of the audience and fashion your content to address these issues successfully.

With this brilliant content writing internship, you will get an opportunity to engage with the audience, be at your wittiest best and learn how to create more user-friendly content. And, to add to that, you will also receive an internship certificate and a stipend of Rs 8000 – 12000.



So, these were our top five picks of the paid internships in Delhi. To explore internships in various cities and across various profiles, check out the LetsIntern internships portal.