5 Quick tips to convert Internship into Job!

5 Quick tips to convert Internship into Job!

Converting your internship into job is not that difficult. Just follow these 5 easy tips to have that offer letter in your hand!


Converting Internship into JobIt is no secret that internships are one of the best ways to open the gates of your dream job. One of the foremost technique to boost your resume by adding that ‘experience’ thing to it, making beneficial contacts and getting those important references which you otherwise would have never got. Now, the question that arises is, ‘After putting that 100% into your internship, how to convert it into your full time career option?’ We have 5 quick steps that provides the exact answer to your question.

Be the first one to enter and the last one to leave

Treat the internship as your full time paid job(even if you are not paid!). “The early bird catches the worm” Remember? Be the first person to come in the morning and never leave early, you have no idea who is noticing you. You always want that glowing letter of recommendation(if not a job) from your manager that would only happen if you treat your internship seriously. Talent and skills are important but it is almost equally important for managers to hire people who are dedicated, faithful and punctual employees.

Be proactive

Once you are done with the tasks allocated to you, ask for more work and suggest ways in which you can add value to the firm. One thing to note here is never criticize the organisation. Exceed the expectations and do quality work so that people recognize you for what you have done. If you manage to contribute or add something of value, you will have a huge impact on your seniors. Your internship must be one of the turning points of your career, but for your managers you are just the other intern. So, make your presence felt and try to find out ways to impress them. Always make use of the opportunities you get, they aren’t coming again! Be enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate towards your work and you will get that offer letter in your hands.


This is the key to success in the professional world. Talk and network with people,the designation really doesn’t matter. Join your coworkers for coffee/tea/lunch, company events, social gatherings, ask questions, understand their work and work culture of the company. The more you show your involvement the more you will be accepted. Also, do not choose people to network with, talk to everyone -your fellow interns to the senior employees. Trust me! you won’t regret it.

Make yourself indispensable

Try to decrease the work load by taking the work from your co-workers. Produce quality work in the given time so that your managers can trust you with work. This way you will not only lessen the work load but also create a very good impression on your supervisor. Always think this way: ‘What can I do so that my manager can go home early?’ The easier their life the more chances of you getting hired. Always make it your motto to prove that you are more worth keeping than training someone new up to your level again.

Ask for feedback

The internship helps you to grow your skills and strengthen your weaknesses. Feedback is very important when it comes to your growth and development. Sure, your supervisor/ manager is loaded with work but always make it a point to schedule a meeting with your superior(maybe once in a week) to understand the areas where you need improvement and suggest them ways how can you add value to the company. Discuss with them any new ideas that you have. Show them that you are taking your internship seriously and want to be hired. Try to navigate all your options with them. This way not only you will feel motivated but your supervisor/manager/senior will also start showing interest towards you. So, be sure to learn as much as you can. Put in your hard work and sincere dedication and it will pay off.

Also, stay clam if you are not offered a job after your months of hard work and commitment. Maintain good relationship with the HR, supervisor and other important people of the company. Drop them a mail or call them to show your interest in the position. This way, if any position comes up, you will be the first they will consider of hiring.

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