5 Quick tips to help build professional relationships!

5 Quick tips to help build professional relationships!


Having a good network can take you a long way in your professional life, however we all have our concern when it comes to building our network.

Here are 5 tips to help you grow your professional network-

1. Focus on the right set of people- 

Building your network is not about meeting a large number of people and introducing and having a conversation with them. It is about being able to meet the right kind of people and ensuing you can leave an impression.

When talking to people, try to see how they can impact your life in a positive way. If you do not see that happening then don’t force yourself into a conversation hoping that someday, someway they may add to your network.

It is professional, so its alright for you to take a step back.

With the people you think you can have good professional relations, try having a good conversation and ensure you leave a good impression.

2. Offer help before asking for it- 

When in networking situations, individuals expect you to as them for a favour, however it can be a good change of events if you offer to help them in a professional capacity before asking them for help. This could be in any way, including offering a little professional help. Once you’ve helped them, the other individual will want to return the favour. Thus not making it seem like a very awkward situation.

3. Listen more than you talk-

It is extremely important for you to listen to what the other individual is saying. It shows them that you are genuinely interested in their work and profession, thus they will be more inclined to maintain relations with you. It is also essential to remember that cutting someone off to say something does not reflect very well on you. Let them talk, and you can share your views and opinions after they are done. This will also help you get a better understanding of who they are as individuals.

4. Connect with people at all levels- 

It is important to connect with the right individuals however that should not mean that you decide that on the kind of work they do. Connect with individuals on all levels and never make any individual feel small about the work they do.

Following this can not only help you grow professionally but will also help you a great deal in your personal growth.

5. Reconnect-

Always reconnect with people. Respect the other persons time. You can drop them a message once in a while, however ensure you are not over doing it. Maintain your distance and keep your relationship professional.




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